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Added a comment about feature Bike vs. Bike - 1992 Yeti ARC vs. 2015 Yeti SB6c 1/19/2018 4:17 PM

That vintage Yeti is great! I would still pick the new one as 26" bikes from the 90's suck to ride.

No way that's a 92 however. The Judy didn't launch until 94/95 and team bikes featured Answer A-Tac stems through 1993 and didn't start powder coating Ringle stems and Rock Shox lowers until 1995. Additionally, if this were a team bike from 92, it would have Grafton cranks and brakes (which were utter garbage by the way).

My guess is that this is a 1995, mostly because of the team parts, powder coated stem and forks and fact that while it wasn't popular, the Yeti A.R.C - A.S was in the Yeti catalog through 1995.

The reason I don't think this is a 96 or newer is because in 96, the Rock Shox judy had no cable stop on the brake bridge because V-brakes were on the scene by then. They also did away with bolts on the crown and opted to have pressed in stanchions to save weight.

That Judy looks like the elastomers are totally shot by how compressed the fork looks. You can still buy coil spring kits for these and damping cartridges. Those Judy's were super easy to take apart and tune.

I know all of this because I'm a massive nerd who spend my high school years racing Norba Nationals and obsessing about mountain bikes in the pages of Mountain Bike Action and Mountain Bike.

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