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All Rights Reserved - please don't steal our stuff. *non-profit Music: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons available for purchase on iTunes. Produced by Dominique Moriarty and the YBHM team. Ryan and I have probably been speaking about this video since about 2011 already! We finally got a cool group of people together with the same vision to create something Ryan could watch with pride! Young Blood Media House did this for him as their first project and from here on out its only going to get a whole lot better. We'll be focussing on action sports and a bit of the 'behind the scenes' into athletes views on what makes them do what they do. We're passionate about both the film industry and the extreme sports industry and working with guys like Ryan is definitely something we'd like to do for many years to come. Enjoy!

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Danny Hart 4:37.72
Rachel Atherton 5:09.69

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Aaron Gwin: 3:15.96
Emmeline Ragot: 3:58.31

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I had a big crash in February this year at the 1st National Cup of the year.
It was supposed to be my first year racing all the nationals, and I podiumed at my first national ever last year, so was looking to come in and have good results right off the bat.
Qualifying, and I was on an awesome run until the final table top, where I changed my line from practice.
I realised I was going too fast too late, the next thing I knew I was endoing onto the flat.
Got up and remounted to finish the run, but as I crossed the line I saw my left wrist sticking out the wrong way.
Trip to the hospital and i had broken 2 bones, dislocated it, and torn all the ligaments on the dorsal side.
Had a quick operation to save the one nerve, and a second operation to fix the bones and ligaments.
14 weeks, 20 stiches, 4 pins, 1 screw later, and I can only move it 20 degrees each way.
Missed almost our whole season here in SA, and the first World Cup in my home country, also had to cancel my trip to IXS in Innerleuthen.
But hopefully with an allsport brace I can race the National Champs and protect my right wrist at the same time.
Some pics. Doesnt look as bad as it is though, all the damage is inside. basically I only had tendons and the skin holding the wrist together.

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