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That’s some money spent on an actor just for a bike AD (unless it’s not Christopher Walken). Not short enough to ever make it on TV also. No wonder they didn’t want Gwin this year. Edit - just seem homepage confirms name. P.S my phone takes me staight

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Edit : don’t know how I posted this, purely refreshing the page on mobile. Wondered why suddenly got lots of notifIcation emails.

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World Champs not after the final world cup? without riders going 110% (less injury concerns), might as well not bother with the race. Its a silly title vs world cup overall, but at least riders going all out makes it a bit special.

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thedeathstar said it perfectly. quite a bit better than warner and cunningham (how ever spelt). Nigel Page has done the odd one with Warner which again was good, but Claudio and warner is good mix between commentating and insider knowledge. Warner and ... more »

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he should go faster, the bike can.,30689/iceman2058,94

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nice, one of funniest posts so