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The winter months are slowly beginning to fade into a distant memory as fresh new growth emblazons the surrounding landscapes. The signs of spring help to revitalize our senses. The daylight hours seem to stretch moments longer with each passing day. The warmth of the sun's beams are now finding more success in warding off any lingering chill in the air. With new life imploding around us, how can we not yearn for the endless days of summer and shredding bike parks?

Busy day in and day out throughout the winter, we held on to our Silver Star film footage. Now, in the clutches of spring fever, we've put together our Silver Star Bike Park edit in hopes of getting fellow riders amped for summer biking season.
With an early bonus weekend of June 23 & 24 and opening full-time on June 29, 2012, Silver Star Resort offers lift accessed, progressive trails, no crowds, crisp, alpine-scented air, expansive views; what more could a rider ask for?
What can I say about Silver Star Bike Park? Every time I've visited has truly been an enjoyable experience. You're always welcomed with a relaxed vibe due to the carefree spirit which seems to encompass the patrons and employees alike.
Just strolling about the resort village never seems to fail in bringing a smile to anyone's face with the palate of Day-Glo colored buildings animating the immediate mountain skyline along with full suspension bikes sprawled throughout the grass quad in the village center. Just past this, lying await in the background, is the perfect playground for a mountain biker.
Twisting tracks ramble through thickets of evergreens only to burst forth at times into expanses of flowering meadows. Everywhere in between a rider can happen upon mellow, roving trails, rocky, technical descents, or jump lines ranging in size and skill requirement.
It's a splendid place to go and explore different trails and features, ideal for honing biking skills at any level.
It's pretty awesome to be able to go out and shred groomed trails down a huge mountain, and once you have reached the bottom, to just be able to hop on a lift and go do it all over again. Rad. Similar to any avid bicyclist, I can only but meagerly attempt to describe in a jumble of sentences how it is to ride an area. So on a parting note, I want to encourage everyone to go out and make their own story.

Projekt Roam was founded by Colt and Jessee Maule in 2010. It has been our mission to travel North America in search of places that celebrate the unparalleled beauty and freedom of not only the bike, but the terrain we ride as well. Plan your own trip to Silver Star and check out more photos, film, and riding locations throughout North America at
Thanks to our sponsors for some great product and to all of our new friends who have helped us out along the way, ride on.
MTB Rider/Words: Jessee Maule Photos/Film: Colt Maule

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Stay tuned for Chasing Gravity: Episode 4 coming soon!!
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