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Reply to What Tool Couldn't You Live Without? 7/23/2016 10:15 AM

Assuming Allen wrenches are a given, I'd probably go for my cable cutters. After working in a shop for a summer they were the first tool I bought myself after realizing how much time and hassle they saved over a dremel tool and carbide disc...

Reply to MTB Ban Implemented Based on Strava Speeds 5/6/2016 2:48 AM

chances are if you are reading this you are probably not "the problem", nor do I think strava, or any ride tracking/sharing app is the problem in and of itself. Irresponsible trail users who are rude and inconsiderate of the fact that a multi use trail ... more »

Reply to MTB Advice I'd Give Myself Five or Ten Years Ago 2/11/2016 3:21 AM

go ride, you're not as busy as you think you are. when you have kids, you realize that you used to have tons of time, and if you care about doing something enough you will make time for it. I still love to ride, but man I miss the days I didn't have ... more »

Reply to Share Your Tubeless Tips 12/1/2015 7:21 AM

brilliant! seems more robust than my duct tape wrapped soda bottle... Looks like standard fittings going into the bottle, did you need to do anything special to make the connections? that said, soapy water, soda bottle at ~120psi dumped into the tire, ... more »

Reply to Forum Hot Seat - Dave Camp, RockShox Design Engineer 11/19/2015 7:14 PM

Dave, How closely do you work with the different OEMs on tuning dampers for a given bike? When you do come up with a tune that is liked and agreed to, is there a mastering process prior to hitting production? I work on automotive suspension myself, and ... more »

Reply to G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) 9/2/2015 4:43 AM

Wins/consistency: Nico / Minnaar, just different eras Raw talent: Hill Overall: Anne Caro - still crushing it to this day... raw talent, consistency and just bad-ass... Personal fav: Tomac - wins dh, xc, slalom and oh yeah some road races too for good ... more »