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I personally don't give AF about anyone producing an eBike. I actually find it highly amusing that so many Santa Kooks bro's will get worked up over it. That "their" pure soul core or whatever company went to the darkside or whatever. The thing is, while I know SC continues to make great bikes, they ceased being leaders in producing bikes that were unique, progressive and that had amazing value more than a half a dozen years ago. They play it safe with the designs and geometry as that is where the money is. Nothing wrong with that, but their bikes stopped speaking to me after '12.

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A bit of a rant. If you take a look at the Geo diagram the point that the actual seat tube center line and this meaningless center line that is to represent a seat tube angle intersect what in the hell is this point meant to represent? Is it where my saddle might be when slammed down? The result is that the top tube length and SA mean nothing. When is the industry going to get its act together and actually figure out a way to actually communicate what my cockpit length is going to be at the saddle height I use? Reach is important but it does nothing for how is this bike going to fit when seated. After checking Pivot's web site and looking at the picture displaying the geometry the point I am referring to is not in the same location as the picture hear on vitalmtb. But to my point I wish we could get dimension for actual cockpit length at a given saddle height. I have found two mfg's giving the effective top tube length at two different saddle heights. I appreciate there effort in giving more info to us trying to decide how a bike may fit.

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Hi! You read the wrong article, the layout can be a bit confusing I agree. There are in fact two articles linked under the same entry in our product guide. If you scroll back up, you'll find the actual review above the article you just commented on - then look for the "Read More" button to open it up. Sorry you got a bit lost in there.

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Liked a comment about slideshow It's Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo 5/4/2016 1:18 PM
It's Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo

Love this. I'm going to buy 2. One for me, and the other for my slow buddy. And I'm going to shred the heck out of those XC trails we have here in Michigan. Yee haw. Move over slow pokes!!

-2 2 4

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It's Electric! The 27.5+ Specialized Turbo Levo

650B+ 3.0?! they will destroy our trails an so they will be closed!! 26" only.
And those wide handlebars , soo dangerous!
Not to speak about the disk brakes, they belong on cars and motorcycles.

Hey, lay off the dairy. And uh, no more happiness.

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Seeing something like this happen to a rider is a tragedy.. no one ever wants to see their hero's or friends hurt especially doing something that they love.

I don't think putting all the blame on red bull is right though, but having a media black out seems pretty ridiculous however and that should not be allowed, and, while I agree with some of what he wrote and respect Brandon for writing that article he freely signed the contract not to post pictures etc of crashes, if it was OK to sign before then why is it all of a sudden such an issue? (if everyone in the media refused that then would RB look at safety more seriously?)

Zink's post about Paul left a bitter taste in my mouth and only for his hashtag.. in none of the lead up in his own diary nor his sponsorship of the event (YT kicker) did he use it so why now.. unless they were under the impression RB would compensate them for injures which I highly doubt, he was happy to promote the event, and in turn that promotes him, his brand and products allowing him to get more cash for sponsorship, Just as Brandon signed the contract so he could have access to shoot and publish his work which in turn leads to getting paid and better work, now I'm not saying it's done without thought or pause but at the time it's deemed an acceptable action and only brought to question when the worst happens, RB aren't the only people who make money from this they just make the most and have the brightest logo so get the most criticism.

When I was a kid I'd always end up doing things that were a little reckless with my mates, always pushed on by them to do more or jump from something higher etc etc and I pushed them on to do the same.. so who's to blame, me for doing it or them for pushing?, once we'd done one thing we go find something bigger or badder to do, not because we expected to hurt ourselves but because of a primal instinct to do more than we did yesterday and push ourselves further. At the end of the day we're all responsible in some way or other and to a bigger or lesser degree, either by being the one who's doing it, taking the pictures and videos or by watching it and shouting our hero's on.

If Red Bull should cover the cost of insurance for anyone attending their event then all organizations would have to as well, Smaller organizations simply wouldn't be able to sustain that model and that would force our sport underground.. then what would happen, you'd be racing or doing jumps etc and have an injury, who do you claim off then? the bike manufacturer? the land owner?.. hell maybe you should claim off the Pro rider you saw in the video doing a jump as if he can do it then you should be able to? right?, there comes a point when you say in your head 'yes I'm going for this' and for me that makes you the most responsible party, providing you've been able to weigh up all the risks involved of course.

Even without event's like Rampage people would be pushing themselves to do more and more, there's a huge amount of people that have suffered injuries through doing sports already, the only difference is that Rampage etc have big media spot lights on them and you're local woods etc don't,

Risk vs Reward.. It's apparent by the article that the money isn't great so that's really a token gesture and the real reward is the feeling of making a run, pushing themselves further, and being top of their game, with extreme sports winning and the sense of pushing personal boundaries is the goal, prize money isn't all that drives people, it just allows them to spend more time thinking up badass things to do.

Anyway that's enough rambling on :-) .. Healing vibes to Paul and anyone else who's hurting.. I hope you'll make a full recovery and get back to doing what you love.. whatever that may be.

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