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That Marz shock is super intriguing. Assuming it is extremely competitively priced like the Bomber CR, it could be a great option for a lot of riders. In a world of $700+ shocks, it would be awesome to see a decent air shock that can take some abuse ... more »

Added reply in a thread Pros & Cons of High Pivot or Idler Equipped Bikes 5/22/2022 1:22 PM

I’ll start by saying that never ridden a bike with an idler. I typically ride all mountain/enduro-lite bikes in the 150-ish travel realm. I like long rides with gnar and there is often some heinous climbing involved. The benefits of a high-pivot bike ... more »

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Some might say pizza is better at room temperature when all of the grease kind of congeals and the pizza components solidify a little bit

Added reply in a thread Low-maintenance and reliable suspension 4/12/2022 2:41 PM

Thanks everyone. Really great information and knowledge

Started new thread Low-maintenance and reliable suspension 4/10/2022 2:22 PM

I am sure lots of folks have information and anecdotes on this subject. What is your take on the most reliable and low-maintenance suspension products? I know this is impossible to actually quantify, but I would like to hear some theories. I have owned ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Trail vs Enduro What should I purchase? 1/25/2022 8:14 AM

I agree with BulletBass.Without knowing the terrain in your area, I think day-to-day a trail bike is the way to go. It is more fun and likely faster on most terrain save for the true super gnar. It’s pretty insane how hard you can ride a 140mm trail ... more »

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2008 Custom Specialized "S-Works" Demo 7 II

Fantastic. This generation of mini-dh/free ride bikes was the best. Demo 7, Session 7, Giant Faith….

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I think Stevens is done for bikes. More likely to have snoqualamie pass if they have trails done by then (who knows) over Stevens.

Added a comment about member blog 2022 NWCup Schedule 12/13/2021 1:15 PM

Is there is any buzz about the Steven's Pass bike park re-opening this year? Perhaps those "TBD" dates are an indication that it is possible.

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Yeti 303 RDH


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Thanks Spomer!!

Added reply in a thread Michelin tires thread! 1/6/2021 6:31 AM

A few people already pointed this out, but it really is unbelievable how bad that Michelin website is. It's not very intuitive to understand the differences in compounds if you don't know what you are looking for. The Maxxis and Schwalbe websites aren't ... more »

Added reply in a thread Michelin tires thread! 1/5/2021 7:26 PM

I am a huge fan of the Wild Enduros too. Tread, weight, and size are all spot on. I rode them in some pretty cold temps (20s) and I didn't really notice them hardening up, but that's probably not something I would pick up on

Added reply in a thread 35mm Carbon Bar Flex 4/7/2020 12:40 PM

I kind of go back and forth on this. I have had a few sets of RF Next and Chromag bars that I thought felt fine. Then, I got some of those Truvativ Descendant bars and cut them down to about 770mm and personally found they were a little harsh. I ride ... more »

Added reply in a thread Best front AND rear tire 3/29/2020 5:35 AM

I will toss a curveball out there. The Michelin Wild Enduro Front and Wild Enduro Rear (clever name) are a fantastic combo. The front tire is light and has killer bite in the corners. Loose, wet....doesn't matter it tracks well. Super confident at speed ... more »