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Peter should have worded it better because I feel that his point has been totally almost ignored. As you can see from the responses there's a little bit of Peter in a lot of us here.
And whilst your response is far more eloquent, for me it's just as childish, has an air unprofessionality/arrogance and a 'you read what we tell you to read' attitude. Hate to say it but you've lost a bit of respect because of it guys. Never tell off your customers, no matter how wrong they are.

I do my best to avoid spoiling the results for myself, so I avoid Vital like the plague (it is always you guys that are more prone to spoiling it than everyone else) until I've had the time to watch replays. You do lose my attention and clicks (often for a few days) because of that.
I work weekends so always miss the event live and then when I'm at home I share the TV with my wife so I have to compromise to gain my viewing fix.
To avoid RB spoiling it I plan ahead just have the feed in a tab waiting for me to click play.

However, more often than not I'll have just 'accidentally' picked up my phone/laptop for a browse, I'll come on here without thinking and ruin it for myself. Then I just don't bother watching the replay fullstop and get on with something else.

I only watch F1 and mtb races and with F1 I never have the race spoiled because its much easier to avoid. Mostly because I just don't have anything F1 in my social media, so its super simple.
But I love mtb much more so when I'm waiting for a few mins before going home after work I'll click on the site (its a habit because you have great content) and ruin my watching.

What more concerning for me is that this is one of your most commented articles. Not the actual bike stuff, but a piece about how you publish/run things. That in itself is not really that positive. When your users (customers) are more vocal than normal it could be a time to take notice.

Cheers guys. Keep up all the good work, WE DO APPRECIATE IT.

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Not even a mention of José Borges that did 10th overall and 2º on the last stage

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