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I personally think it all down to the timing of things, in this case the product. The Industry is was usually bringing out new Models every 3 years..well that was the rhythm but nowadays some brands are bringing out models at different times. Giant in ... more »

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...did anyone notice the AGC logo on the Kenda Tire? Might also be Gwins Pro Model...

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..I thought the event was great. Awesome riders and the venue was sick but every year the judging gets hits. Why couldn‘t there be an option and let the fans/ spectators be the judges, I mean they are the closest to the riders and probably see the steepness/gnar ... more »

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Love the new look of the bikes...wish the team the best of luck this year. The only thing that confuses me is why are they using the old Contact Switch Seatposts? Surely the newer one's were an option. Go get 'em boys!!!

Reply to Are You Going To Buy a New Bike in 2018? 1/22/2018 2:06 AM

Loving my new Reign Advanced..just gotta wait til Spring and hit the Ligure

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Great news for DVO, glad to see such a brand teaming up with Giant. It also goes to show how open minded the GFORT is for letting DVO have a chance. It also seems like the team is on Shimano Drivetrains? If you take a look at Vezina's bike, its got the ... more »

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Athertons confirmed to be on Endura for 2018..feels like a good fit for the Welsh weather.

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Confirmed..Troy Brosnan will follow his friend, Mentor and former Team mate Sam Hill..he will be riding flat pedals for the upcoming season.
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Good points..especially the instagram bits. Sure,loyalty always plays a big role. Just didn’t picture Gully going to a German brand. Probably won’t be long til the first Gully goes Ebike video goes viral. Focus Ebikes are big in Europe

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What a shame and it will be a big loss for RM if Geoff does leave. I always thought the RM Crew(with Thomas V, Geoff G, Wade Simmons, Brett T) we inseparable. I kinda always wonder what it takes for a brand like Focus to bring a personality and talented ... more »

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My guess..Noga is on Cannondale for 2018.

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Maybe just a hunch, but this could be the video that shows that Giant is on Fox Suspension. The last video of Ethen Roberts they were riding RS in Whistler, this time around both on Fox. ... more »

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..thanks a bunch for the swap, Macfarlane off Gravity Components? All I see is Formaula Brakes and Shimano parts.

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If you look at the Picture closer. you will see that the wheelset isnt Reynolds..Bas runs Easton Havocs I think... I honestly do not think that this is Bernards bike...

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I think Bas has been the guy who has had the most frame sponsor changes altogether... Transition...then to a covered up Pivot Phoenix?? C'mon Hyper...give this guy a frame already!!!!,10911/Slideshow,0/sspomer,2 ... more »

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The thing I found most interesting in when was the last time you saw the Hannahs,Neethling or amyone on that team have a mechanical...they might be obscure brands but its all in the stats.

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Really?? Has it been 2 years already?? DAAAAYUMMMM

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I have a quick question, not sure if ist been answered in this Forum. Last year the Syndicate were denied UCI DH Team Status because all the riders had different kits(O Neal, Fox and Royal). This year it seems to be the same with all 3 riders rocking ... more »

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The prototype Hyper DH bike that Zink was on has alot of similarities to a Kona Operator.,6504/Rampage-Pro-Bike-Cam-Zinks-Prototype-Hyper-DH,65123/sspomer,2 Maybe are ... more »

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Heres a closer/better look...