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@Gweggy: to far fetched? Sam has been tagging TLD,Muc Off was a sponsor last year... What am I missing? The announcement was from Nukeproof directly.

Reply to 2017 Racing Rumors 2/17/2017 8:04 AM Looks like Sam and Nukeproof will be on No Tubes,Maxxis and TLD

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Well,I have to be honest...I think that new Norco bike looks awful, seems like Norco tried to hard this time.

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What a shame that there's no mention of Rene..always thought he was a great rider and had some awesome results last year. Plus he's a really nice,down to earth guy. Would make sense though,2 girls and 2 guys...

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So Lew Buchanan has moved from BMC to Trek Factory...we he be teaming up with Rene Wildhaber? 2 men and 2 woman for Trek? In the introduction there was no mention of Rene?

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A little off topic, but still has to do with bikes. I am sure there are a couple of you who follow the UCI XCO races. There is a rumour that the Scott Odlo Team(Nino Schurter, Jenny Rissveds) are running SRAM Suspension next year..they were on DT Swiss

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Werks oder Werkteam heisst für Mich kein Factory Team oder Factory Unterstützung. Beispiele Unior oder SRAM TLD, die haben grosse Sponsoren aber kein Framesponsor, d.h die dürfen ihre eigene Rahmen auswählen. UCI erlaubt nur pro Marke ein Factory Team, ... more »

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Du kannst meine Beitrag nochmals lesen...steht immer "Assume" oder "Speculation"... Ich möchte auch nichts behaupten, einfach nur weiterleiten was ich gelesen habe, siehe Bericht. Viellicht hast du ein andere Quelle?

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Some People are taking this stuff waaay to seriously....

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Maybe you^re not reading my my post properly..confirmd rumours by Swiss Bike Mag, not by me. Don¨t take this so seriously, ist not like you're getting transferred to another Team. And no, as a German, English, French and Italian speaking Person(here ... more »

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This just in... Transfer Rumors confirmed by Swiss Bike Magazine. Loris Vergier to Syndicate along with Luca Shaw. Troy Brosnan to Canyon Factory Team Dany Hart to Trek Werksteam and not Factory Team. Sam Blenki maybe to Speci with Loic Manon Carpenter ... more »