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Liked a comment about video Vital RAW - Richie Rude and Jubal Davis 6/24/2019 12:38 PM

This is no.1 Bullsh!t

I am gutted Vital so whole heartedly support Rude. You are the best website, but I think your route with this is misguided.

I am also stunned at some of the thoughtless pro's that have come out in support. You are also off the Christmas card list.

Richie, You and Graves are bad for the sport and I don't believe this is the first time you have cheated! Adios Mother F....

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Liked a comment about news blog No More Beer in the Booth - Rob Warner on Becoming a Commentator 12/2/2014 4:03 PM

As a member of the "core audience" I was wondering why the commentary was so subdued for the 2014 season.
This post answer that!
And, I for one, do not like it! I do not need know stats/info about that riders and their team. I need to be reminder to look at the time and to reflect on the size of Danny Hart's balls.

Stoked that Robs got a regular gig though.

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