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‘Voilà’ Featuring Olivier Cuvet

Big sends and steep lines by the French freeride!

Voilà: Olivier Cuvet's vision of Freeriding. By that, he means real freeriding, not just doing tricks with downhill bikes on existing lines. But going out there, building his own line. Guinea pigging it. Mastering it to feel confident enough to send trick on it. Eating shit, being scared. Landing the tricks he envisioned, and showcasing his builds and terrain to the world.


exclamation; there it is; there you are. 

Voilà. This showcase the purest vision of what freeriding is to me. The philosophy behind this one is pretty simple, I wanted to find the most challenging features I could build at my place. Looking for zones and building stunts, guinea pigging it and thinking of what tricks can be done, while adapting to the terrain I have. I like to do big jumps and tricks, but I’m really thrilled when I can mix technical lines with trickable jumps. Dealing with the exposure and technicality but yet finding enough confidence to send some tricks got me really pumped.  

Thanks Pierre Henni for shooting and editing this edit. And I also want to thanks Leo Grosgurin for sticking with us and taking pictures.

« This project as been in the pipe for quite some times. After a couple of big disappointments and set backs, we manage to get back to it and stick to the plan. It’s now both rewarding and reliving to finally release this edit that was in my mind for a few years. » OC


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