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Oh man, I 'm really sorry my pics have upset you.
I'm not a professional photographer and haven't paid one to shoot my bike either.
I was just out for a ride after work trying my new reverb (Holy Shit its good!!) and stopped to take in the scenery.

They're only iPotato shots too

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Agreed on the paint. For a company who has typically used red as one of their main team colors its pretty half assed. Hell, just grab a black Boxxer and put red decals on it. At least that would properly match. Clashing tones of the same color, whether its paint/decals or anodized bits from different brands, are one of my big Virgo/German/perfectionist triggers.

As far as the sizing, he did put the short cups in, so its only 4-5mm longer than a large. Also keep in mind that WC DH has little to do with riding DH at local races or parks. Maximum stability becomes critical when hitting 70kph down the open piste at MSA.

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Not a single Ellsworth on the list? I'm disappointed.

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Man, that bike was so horrendous to look at I actually thought this was a parody video or something. Why would Mongoose put this video out? Surely no one watched that video and was like, "Ohhhh yeah, I am gonna put on my tightest t-shirt, let muh gut hang out, and pick me up a Fireball!"

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Isn't an airborne just a blatant copy of a tr450? That probably saves a ton of money not having to do any of your own research and design work too

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