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Reply to What should I do with this bike? 1/29/2012 1:48 PM

Huck it.

Reply to Looking Forward To This Year. 1/25/2012 10:49 AM

Looking forward to more riding! Wooo!

Reply to US/Canadian Open at Whiteface ~ $10,000 Cash Purse 1/25/2012 10:35 AM

Its going to be a blast! Cannot wait!!

Reply to Featured Bikes 6/6/2011 1:30 PM
Reply to Dobermann 4/15/2011 7:06 PM

Try contacting either the Oregon or Texas distributors as they are close to you maybe. Texas DistributorOregon Distributor Or you can email them at:

Reply to My TR250 3/19/2011 9:15 PM

Damn! Thats clean!

Reply to Question and Answer Thread 2/6/2011 8:45 AM

I THINK HIS CAPS BUTTON MAY BE STUCK?? How many shovels have you broken building bad-ass stunts?

Reply to Question and Answer Thread 2/5/2011 12:48 PM

We installed an improved system this year so the gutters never overfill/freeze over and icicles form! But our neighbor's are terrible hahah! Roots or Rocks?

Reply to school pic!!! 2/2/2011 5:29 PM

Jump over a fire? Wearing the brightest shirt you can find? Maybe the mascot can be on fire wearing a bright shirt?

Reply to Home Made Bike- Swiss Edition 2/2/2011 9:01 AM

Just needs a badass fender!

Reply to GoPro/Flip cam DJ session 1/9/2011 9:51 AM

So many lines!!!! Awesome!

Reply to Post your ride! 12/25/2010 4:56 PM

French-Canadian goodness. Dobermann Stella.

Reply to Dear Santa... 12/17/2010 3:05 PM

Santa, Can you please make spring come faster? Thanks.

Reply to Got manual skills? 12/2/2010 5:23 PM

That nose manual in the first video was just too rad! Those tracks are sweet!

Reply to This looks gnarly - Red Bull Rock Drop 11/21/2010 5:21 PM

Oh man that looks like it will be so much fun!! Would be pretty crazy to hold a Rampage style competition in a mine pit like let alone see who can get down to the bottom the fastest.

Reply to Lil Help 10/26/2010 3:17 PM

Check out this sale: HERE Seller says he can include dual ring, so that would suit your pedaling wants. The SX Trail might be just perfect for what your looking for.

Reply to need help! 6/6/2010 4:37 PM

"BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!! (scream very loud while shaking cowbell)."

Reply to The Next IT-Color. 3/11/2010 6:05 PM


Who wouldn't want one?
Reply to Daylight Savings Time - March 14!!! 3/1/2010 2:40 PM

Woot woot! Extra hour = extra

Reply to TOP 5 MTB PEDALS OUT NOW (???) 2/28/2010 7:38 PM

I ♥ ma WahWahs.