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Rocky Mountain Altitude C90 2019

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Very surprising they're talking up size-specific anything, but continue to have the same size chainstays on all sizes! Perhaps the big folks feel the pedalling effects because they're automatically more over the back tire and weighting the rear suspension more, and the small folks feel scared braking because they're automatically over the front more and that much closer to OTB.

Medium reach is 430, very close to the 435 chainstay, so riders on M frames should feel well centered.
XL reach is 490, about 2 inches longer than the Medium reach and the chainstay, for automatic backseat riding relative to the Med.
Meanwhile, XS reach is only 366, about 2.5inches (!) shorter than the medium reach and the chainstays! Riders on the XS are going to feel like they're going OTB much easier than a rider on the Med.

Norco is one of the only companies doing actual size specific geometry (and geo is more than just head & seat angles and reach & stack), with different length chainstays to match the different reaches, and they're made in Canada, both of which are reasons they're high on my list of next rides.

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How many enduro bikes are allowing 38t chain rings these days. That's what caught my attention. And I like it. I'm still on 2x10 because I want to pedal at 30mph...this would allow that also....pretty sweet. Hopefully the split pivot chain stay bearings stay put better than they do on treks....warrantied a lot of rear chain stays lately....

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