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"Born and raised in Alsace, France, I fell in love with the Vosges forest where my passion for mountain biking developed during the last decade. When I'm not riding the Alps, I spend most days riding at home and scouting for remarkable natural sites to create unique trails. For my brother Grégoire 'Greg' and I, trail building is the way to express a vision, develop our own style and share this passion for freeride."

Martin Bachmann, athlete

Greg walking his way up with filming essentials.
It's not a freeride video without a proper roadgap.
You get the theme.
"Working with the Bachmann brothers is always a great opportunity to capture their newest move in beautiful scenery. Martin is very focused and demanding with himself to produce the best result possible when riding, and it naturally pushes me on the filming side too. Along with his brother, they form a talented complementary team and I'm happy to promote their work."

Niels Pernoux, filmmaker


"Sandy dirt, steep terrain, remote location. Building and filming on the 360 drop line was challenging to say the least. Luckily, it rained enough to pack the landing and make this jump actually trickable... as long as the takeoff remains dry. Overall, I'm thrilled with how this build turned out."

Grégoire Bachmann, trailbuilder

On set, filming a trickjump in the vosgian underwood.

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