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Nema International

Nema International has a proud legacy of industry-leading performance riding apparel. From the best in function to cutting-edge design, Nema has earned a reputation for providing gear above and beyond expectations.

Since 1994, riders have trusted us to deliver the most durable, comfortable, best performing cycling apparel. Challenging the status quo has always been our style! Back then, we rejected the notion that mountain bikers had to be confined to spandex and introduced the Original Baggy Mountain Bike Short, a system that bridged the inner liner to a durable nylon shell. Over the years, our product line grew to offer top performance for the rider from head to toe.

In more recent years, Nema broke ground with the Podium racing collection and within six months, our line was hailed by industry experts and riders alike as the best performing gear on the market. Today, we continue to design with riders in mind, offering features to enhance pedaling efficiency, breathability, and comfort.

We believe mountain bikers and BMX riders shouldn’t have to settle for cookie-cutter products better suited for other sports with a “MTB” or “BMX” tag slapped on them. Core riders know they can count on Nema to offer unmatched quality and performance specifically for them.

We have a passion for cycling and cyclists remain our priority. We ARE riders. And riders know what riders need.

Nema International | Real. True. Cycling.

Nema International

Nema International

Nema International

Nema International

Nema International

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