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Winter in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina can be hard. And this winter was the hardest of the last decade. The andes kept sending lots of snow and super low temperatures. It was a great winter for skiers and snowboarders but not so much for mountain bikers, with our trails buried in deep snow. Lucho was coming to town for only a few weeks and we had been planning to shoot a video in one of our trails. After all the snow that was impossible so we decided to head east, escaping winter and the snow, to a more arid terrain. Bariloche gets around 1000mm of rain per year, but only 50 km to the east the yearly precipitation is around 250mm, creating a completely different environment. After a short search on google earth we found a zone that looked good so there we went! The zone was not exactly what we hoped, the slopes weren´t too steep and the soil quite rocky, but anyway it was great riding in a new place and probably being the first ones to ride there. And then when we were leaving after a great day, we found gold! A gully with some of the best natural corners and lots of possiblities for jumps so we decided to come back the next day. Lucho comes from dirt jumping and wanted to try a big bike backflip for the first time. It would have been a great banger to finish de video but he could not land it this time. We had also started a big jump to gap the gully but we did not have time to finish it. Lucho had to go back to school in Buenos Aires next day so we left some unfinished buisness. Next time for sure!

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And that whip!

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Nah i bet they just put it the wrong way

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Marcelo Guiterrez got a top 10 last year and 20th overall missing one round. And a podium or two in 2015

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In his last video he's riding a trek session with hyper decals

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He's riding for Hyper now (his dh bike is a session though)

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This. More of this.

I don't even ride flat pedals but I can still appreciate a well researched, well written article that does its best to quantify results instead of going purely off of feel. Props to Johan and the rest of the Vital team for taking the time to think about the task and develop solid...more

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Hey Vital, it would be amazing if you guys could compile a couple raw videos of Stevie. I think the entire bike community would love to see the best moments from one if the best. #longlivechainsaw

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If you watched any of the raw footage you saw that it was too much track for some of the junior women. I don't mean this as an insult, it's too much track for me. Anyhow, I think it's a way to get folks up to that level without killing them on those tracks. My thoughts.

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Another view of doerfling and aggy's steep line

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Troy Brosnan 3:31.415
Rachel Atherton 4:12.972

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His Telemetry bike

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Troy Brosnan 4.08.644
Tracey Hannah 4.53.725

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This is horrible

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Greg Minnaar 3.03.638
Rachel Atherton 3.28.126

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minion dhr 2

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Riders are not allowed to have radio communication during their run. I read the rules a few days ago while checking if both wheels had to be of the same diameter (they do). Knowing their split times would help riderrs a lot, so they dont continue to ... more »

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Loris Vergier 3.32.01
Rachel Atherton 4.08.92

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Greg Minnaar 4.39.15
Rachel Atherton 5.21.03

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Less than two months ago, racers had to deal with axle deep pow in this trail for the EWS. This is how the trail is looking today, best grip ever! Some muddy and even frozen sections though This is how it was at the time of the race:,31197/sspomer,2 ... more »

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