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As someone pointed out to me - if Transition (or any brand) goes that route and he doesn't win - that would be a bad move! Too much expectation!

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Go Weet!! Good news

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Cant you just stick the wheel in the bath and see where its leaking? I have also sprayed soapy water around the valve stem and spotted the bubbles confirming its the valve Good luck

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Guys. Perfect timing. Cut my track in last year and bought in dirt - but it had way too many pebbles. I need to order dirt but no one seems to be able to confirm that they have dirt with a suitable clay content (25-40%). Any advice on what to ask for ... more ยป

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Needles to Scott Neko to Syndicate wtf do i know

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what he said

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Rad. Love the pic in could blindfold him with a piece of string.