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Yeah, and its one reason I can feel a bit of uncertainty toward my own review. I don't want to steer somebody wrong despite my personal feelings toward a ride. Obviously, I liked this bike. But I can't say its a 4.5 star bike for EVERYONE. For the right rider, its a 5 star performing product, no doubt. For the wrong rider, its not.

Bikes are starting to go the way of skis, surfboards etc whereby there are so many excellent options its more about getting what fits, as they are all "as good" (or close) from a function/durability/performance perspective.

My job as a reviewer is just as much to describe *why* I liked it and *what* I look for in a bike (eg: who I am) as it is to describe the performance of the bike. Ultimately, removing my own preferences from the equation allows me to arrive at a more objective review, despite the obvious hurdles such an ideal may pose.

Hopefully I've done a good job explaining to the masses that this bike may be the best tool for a number of riders, and that perhaps some should look elsewhere. For the right rider however (someone like me) its certainly a badass ride!

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John P.

You make a good point here - a lot of people forget that Boost isn't just about wheel stiffness. Having that extra space in BB/Yoke area (small though it may seem to non-engin-nerds) is a pretty major ingredient in what allows us to shorten the CS's and add enough material/structure to keep all that stiffness in there. It also allows for more tire/mud clearance. In the end, it's a pretty big benefit (and this is from a guy who nearly put his fist through a wall when he heard about another new 'standard'). --JP

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