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The difference between Vital test members & PB testes is that most VitalMTB riders qualified for pro licenses. Trumpore, Howell, Wentz, Sven, Turman... So if a bike needs to be ridden hard to expose limitations or positives, I trust them far more than any other site

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I had a C1 170 for awhile. I concur with much of what you said. I've owned most of the brands on the market and it was very smooth and consistent. Probably the best-feeling post I've had; not notchy or slow. However, I had to use that external bleed procedure ALOT. At the end, probably every third ride. And of course you have to remove the seat, so it becomes a pain in the ass.

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Nice! He's got my sealant spreading technique. And nice homemade internal system. I made my own with some hydraulic line and some of those little Sram trinkets. So figure he could telecommute to BTI and have his bike diploma by the end of Junior High and do the Olympic Training Camp course on High School summers and be ready to hit the big time after graduation. Or... Preferably, get to a good engineering school and get a degree. Either way I can see a bright future.

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God you people are are such sheep. Buy what that they feed you.

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I just once want someone to show how to change out fork oil in the dark on a cold winter evening on the front porch(that the missus is still pissed about all the chain lube drips being on) with the wrong tools and stuff falling between the slats into the leaves underneath and digging around in the leaves with a tiny headlamp and refrigerator magnet desperately hoping to find the piece of crap metal (was it even steel) so you can ride with you buddies stupid early the next day.

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Did you try and land a whip on A-line just to see....

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Liked a comment about video Skateboarding Jaws Would Be Proud - Fabio Wibmer Hucks the Lyon 25 Stair to Flat 12/3/2019 6:00 PM

WTF. The hucks are big enough without the added consequence of all the runouts in over half of those. Threading the needle at 30 mph after hucking 25 ft stair gaps is straight up gnarly. That bridge drop to pole tag to head smash at the end was what was going through my mind the entire vid. I don't think anyone touches him in this realm in MTB. BMX street riders are just as nuts and send absurd shit but the amplitude on the DH bike is hard to match.

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