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Did you try and land a whip on A-line just to see....

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WTF. The hucks are big enough without the added consequence of all the runouts in over half of those. Threading the needle at 30 mph after hucking 25 ft stair gaps is straight up gnarly. That bridge drop to pole tag to head smash at the end was what was going through my mind the entire vid. I don't think anyone touches him in this realm in MTB. BMX street riders are just as nuts and send absurd shit but the amplitude on the DH bike is hard to match.

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Why do I hear Cartman asking about appetizers when I read this? There's a connection, but thin at best.
Need counseling.

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Electric MTBs should be illegal. Glad we are all in agreement.

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Oh man, why are all bike companies following the same recipe for kid bikes?
Details of the Fluid 20inch:
-355mm CS and 320mm reach? Would anyone ride a bike with a similar proportion with 27 or 29 inch wheels?
-148mm rear hubs.. really? These are for kids, 135mm should be cheaper to supply and better for the kids.
- 140mm cranks ? These are bikes for kids up to 1.3m height

At this point I don't even bother asking for weight (I can imagine why it's not specified ).

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31.8 Aluminium handlebar & DT Swiss EX471 - 25mm inner width Aluminium rims... SuperBruni doesn't need your new standards!

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