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Ibis Ripmo AF L

Oven cleaner in a bucket works, but can't be any of the newer Eviro-Friendly stuff. Gotta keep checking it though and use rubber gloves. Too long and it'll start to get a black finish. Can be scotch-brited and polished back to silver though. There are a few Youtube videos (non-bike specific) on doing it.

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Ibis Ripmo AF XL Custom

Hi Guys.. THX for kind feedback!
Yes "custom" travel is made just by the shock.. I had brand new 200x57 CCDB iL and my local shop was able to rebuild it to 210 lenght (changed one eyelet for longer one) so i decided to keep full travel.. there is enough space in linkage.

For photography I can not help sorry.. my good friend is THE MAN behind the lense and I was just the guy who gave him ideas, location, bike and what I want to have on the picture and how :-D

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