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mickey 10/29/2012 4:45 PM

I hear ya about CX. I'm spawn of the NCC/Cycle-Smart brigade that lead the charge. I moved to the valley for college in '99 to be around people like Adam+JD and badasses like Mono.
I was on ye-olde NCC board for a while.

I've tried to do as much as I can alone to make more connections between athletes, the promoters and media but unfortunately we have a lost generation of MTB racers. When things fell apart circa 2002 the entire mtb scene imploded and hundreds of passionate people that at one time could have been relied upon for grassroots organizing went away.
I just don't have enough time to make all of the people who need to communicate communicate and reconnect lots of people who need to know each other again, but it needs to happen.

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erik saunders 10/29/2012 2:24 PM
erik saunders

i am not of the opinion that och, wiesel, johnson et. al. are going anywhere anytime soon... so i dont see there being any vacuum at all... however, i do see that there is a place for passionate people to guide the sport and provide the support needed to make a healthy and fun grass roots racing scene a reality.

CYCLOCROSS, study it, learn what the fans did to create their own scene (and even within USAC!)...

once we have a vision, we can build, just as cross has.. in the early and mid nineties there were few internationally competitive US cross racers, no good races, no national series, no support... and now thanks to THE PEOPLE, there is a great scene with new riders enjoying the sport every weekend and the USA is scoring top tens in WC, all the best North Americans are top 20 riders in World Cup, and it looks like Jeremy Powers could make a worlds podium in 2013 ON HOME SOIL!!! to follow up John Page's excellent silver a few years back... it just depends on us...

important to make the distinction between riding and racing though... i just like racing, so i get excited about it...

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ChaseLife 10/5/2011 8:07 AM

I should hope Im better than that turd on a Vespa. haha

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bturman 9/6/2011 11:23 AM

It's sticker time! Shoot me your mailing address and I'll drop some in the mail for you - Great caption!

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