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doesn't seem too much of a monster truck to me. i can change lines with no worries at all, its real poppy, more than the patrol i had before. that might be the shock though, at the same time it doesn't seem to lose much if anything to the patrol when it gets real chundery.

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To be fair he hammered down like a boss

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That was the best christmas present. Cheers guys!

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A couple things that I have learned over the years...

When Adjusting your handlebar roll, keep your fingers off the brake levers! I see a lot of people reach for their brake levers when adjusting their bars which will rotate your wrist and may throw off the perfect roll for you. Bars first, then brakes. Also make sure your actually standing on the bike and in attack position when trying to find that sweet spot, so many people do it when sitting down on the saddle or just standing on the ground, this makes a huge difference!

As for brake lever position on the handlebar, I've found that by having the brake levers a little further inward (sliding them towards the stem) you can get your elbows out a bit more which will help you attack the trail better. Especially if your using lock on grips with two clamps, this will kind of force your hands inwards and off the clamps, thus relieving some fatigue and possible blisters. But of course, there are limits to this as shown in the diagram.

And if you are running grips with two clamps, please make sure that the allen head isn't digging into your pinkies!

Go for a brake lever angle that will keep your arm and wrist as straight as possible. Consider the terrain you ride and how far you lean back on the bike on average, this will kind of dictate how flat you should be running your brake levers.

And finally, if you do have a nice Sram shifter like the one in the photos above, take advantage of the adjustable downshift paddle and get that perfect trigger thumb position.

Can you guys tell how picky I am with my cockpit setup? Haha

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A distinction needs to be made between a pedal assist and a "throttle bike". With a pedal assist you don't go roosting around and riding uphill at the same speed you descend and the negative impact on a trail is about the same as any other mtb.
Bikes where you can simply throttle up and blast away fall more into the e-motor bike category for me and I whole heartedly agree that they don't belong on no-motorized trails.

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