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Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 11/22/2020 9:57 AM

I guess the wagon wheels...

Reply to Michelin tires thread! 11/12/2020 1:15 PM

Germán web shops, alltricks,

Reply to Michelin tires thread! 11/12/2020 7:15 AM

I am inclined to think these tires do not benefit too much from cuschcore (compliant/rebound/traction benefit), but if you want it for the rim protection aspect, go ahead. I think other ires benefit a lot (and need more) from cushcore, like Wild Enduros ... more »

Reply to Michelin tires thread! 11/12/2020 7:06 AM

they dont need to spend too much in the advertising machine.. they sell by the dozen this side of the pond (Europe)...ok ok,, not as maxxis schwalbe, but a lot more (10 fold) than in Merica

Reply to PB using RAW? 10/29/2020 8:27 AM

imitation is a form of flattering

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 10/29/2020 2:47 AM

knolly, Canfield come to mind..

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 10/27/2020 9:33 PM

Mde Damper. 2k

Reply to Best front AND rear tire 9/3/2020 11:23 PM

lots of michelin dh34 as rear tire in the last EWS race.. no inserts, no problems.. it's a tank of a rear tire...

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 9/2/2020 7:25 AM

I can see some differences in the image , but the description fits a Conti Der Baron.

Reply to 2020 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 8/25/2020 10:00 PM

I saw Jack Moir here in Zermatt.. Some aussies did leave..

Reply to 27.5 Front Tire Opinions 8/21/2020 10:41 PM

too broad of a question.. that said.. DHF maxxGRIP EXO front with cushcore is solid and light enough.. I think you have to go to DD on Assguy to get sticky rubber ..but anyways, there is a lot more than Maxxis.. sticking only to the thread pattern, Wild ... more »

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 6/24/2020 7:44 AM

famous swedish pole got expelled from the site I heard , coffee spot gossip..lets keep it interesting over here !.

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/17/2020 10:29 PM

throw an push hc97 and a coil in there instead of upgrading the RS damper....dont bother upgrading damper

Reply to Low friction fork seals? 5/17/2020 10:27 PM

a new for needs to be opened up, slickhonwy on the seals and shafts, and new oil in the lowers.. "i hate rockshows, never felt good" ; " I didnt like my XXX, felt horrible", these are many times first impressions on a new fork that was cooked from factory, ... more »

Reply to Getting back into the game 4/30/2020 8:09 AM

be careful to go back to the game with a bike that puts you off, frustrates your energy to keep pushing it.. it all comes down to budget.. you can pedal and get fit on a $300 huffy... (or Schwinn).. but do your homework.. check this out,2793 ... more »

Reply to Brake bleed isn’t working 4/24/2020 8:35 PM

Yes but seals are available parts usually

Reply to Brake bleed isn’t working 4/20/2020 10:58 AM

if you push fluid towards the lever (from the caliper) and the system is full and "closed" (as in no syringe in the lever, or you are pushing the syringe) you will blow those seals/ that up and check everything is in place and not broken.. ... more »

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/17/2020 9:51 PM

Not progressive? I love the topaz on my C Balance.. My 18 tracer doesn't like it...

Reply to Why are there still no 200mm+ Enduro bikes? 4/14/2020 2:39 AM

Drop coil conversion on fox 36 and you have the same weight of fox 38 and a waaaay better fork.. push does up to 170, vorsprung up to 180mm.

Reply to MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/7/2020 12:24 PM

recirculate and "splashing easily" up to the seals are different things in my "engineering" brain. I remember my MRP Ribbon Coil with some protectors on these bleed ports to avoid them being pressed while packaged, one was oily., this was back in 2017 ... more »