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Reply to Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO Titanium fork setup and tuning guide 3/27/2016 4:11 PM

I hope my question can get some responses. I've got a Marz 888 RC3 Evo V2 2012. When I took the fork off the bike, removing it from the crowns, the rebound/ compression leg sags lower than the spring leg. Do you think this might just be a lack of oil ... more »

New thread Shimano ZEE bracket axle 5/23/2013 1:03 PM

I just bought a Zee rear derailleur which I haven't mounted. My Zee came with the bracket Axle Unit for freeride, but I have a closed ratio cassette. Would the freeride bracket axle work with this, or do I really need to look for the DH version bracket ... more »

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Reply to Sun Ringle Demon Hub - Removing drive side sealed bearing 5/15/2013 12:56 PM

Already tried that step, and the bearing gets stuck on the ratchet teeth somehow. Friend of mine suggested a bearing puller. Hopefully I can find one.

New thread Sun Ringle Demon Hub - Removing drive side sealed bearing 5/15/2013 1:06 AM

Hi all. Need a little help getting out the drive side bearing from my Sun Ringle hub without damaging the ratchet teeth for the freehub. Can't tap out the bearing without it hitting the teeth. The bearing is a 6002-2RS with significant play that it really

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Reply to Dream Bike...any suggestions? 2/10/2013 1:54 PM

Do you currently own your own bike? This statement " I'm not really talented on the bike yet, but I'm keen to learn." would have me thinking you ought to learn on a hardtail first, before going fully. But, if you've got the experience, then the specs

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