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Just a customized Husky Apron wink

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Big Bird

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Pässilä Bikes Rämäkkä

You are correct.
How ever the 78 deg seat tube is perfect for climbing, agreed that when the fork compresses the seat tube gets even more steeper, but really if your riding somewhere that the fork gonna compress that much your going to be standing up anyways

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Specialized new enduro 2020

This bike spec confuses me.

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RAAW Madonna V2

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Engin Cycles - 27.5+ Pinion Drop bar Hardtail

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Did you try and land a whip on A-line just to see....

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Cushcore isn't expensive, when you consider the benefits it offers over cheaper imitations such as Rimpact. Its not some spongy foam that fits loosely on the rim, which only offers basic rim protection. Cushcore is more difficult to install because the insert is stretched over the rim to create a sprung effect against the base of the tire. It forces the tire into a shape, so it doesn't roll on the rim, giving you lots of support in high speed scenarios. The foam itself is much more dense, so it can not only protect the rim but also damp vibrations coming through the wheel. Its also one formed piece as opposed to a strip of foam that's been joined together with a sticker hiding the joint. To the layperson they may look like competing products but the real-world performance differences are vast. Especially if you buy the Rimpact Pro, current exchange rate means its only $50 less than Cushcore. Cushcore is based in Bend, OR, and the inserts are formed in Canada. They were developed by a seriously smart and detail-oriented suspension engineer who grew up riding MTB before switching to moto. They are used by countless top pros including current DH World Champ and DH WC overall winner. If you haven't ridden them then its pointless to talk about it. It was never about rim protection, that's just a bonus. Its all about letting the tire do its job more effectively so the suspension can be more supportive to preserve geometry.

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