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exact same thought as @danielhfranks - clean bike - I like it a lot
I have the same frame build with a boxxer and was wondering if you have any experience with the XLC single speed derailleur. Wanted to set up my bike single speed for some time but could never find "affordable" single speed parts that work.

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What down tube protector are you using at the bottom? Saw the AMS but curios on the other. Bike is super clean

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I think was sponsored for some time

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so fu**ing awesome

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I am well aware of that as there were many others stopping by and chatting with Martin, Aaaron and Neko. That is also the reason Sam Dale or Wyn Masters gave his hand brace to Neko to be able to race. But the thread is named Rumors so there needs to ... more »

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then maybe you try both and see what works better for you. cool project and I like the outcome very much. shows that there is room for good stuff even if it did not look like that at the beginning.

cool idea and cool you finished it

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would make sense as I saw him in the YT Mob Pits in Leogang for a long chat

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Neko Mulally´s YT

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I find it very intersting that many people question the offset in comments. Wonder if it was the same way when Giant introduced the longer offset for their Reigns.

Hope to get to demo a new Patrol/Scout soon.

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I don´t think it would be good that the UCI would step in and rule what wheel size should be used. Both wheel sizes work for all the girls and boys racing EWS so why shouldn´t that be the case in DH. Like the commentators on Red Bull TV use to say - it is the pinnacle of the cycling sport and like Formula 1 and therefore just use/or roll on whatever makes you happy as a team.

I think it is a bit strange that both want the UCI to rule in that case.

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sick bike - love it and honestly the weight is not that important.
I did not have any clue what the weight of my bike was until a friend wanted to know and it felt 2kg heavier when pedaling uphill afterwards.

Maybe you could do a long term review after 6 months and again after 12 months as it would be very interesting to see/hear on how the bike holds up. Have fun riding!

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very nice build and as already pointed out - a very practical approach which I really like

did you use a 2x SLX crank set up as a 1x with any spacers or did the chainring/chainrline fit like it was? I want to switch my existing 2x XT crank to a 1x setup and using the existing crank would make it more affordable

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interesting - would not have guessed that one thx @rival7 for the fast reply

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any word on where Conor Macfarlane will end up riding? Not really racing - but maybe someone picked up something?

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It would fit the BMC changes I noticed. A marketing guy who was involved in MTB left and when I talked to them last year in autumn they did not seem to have much space for the "Enduro segment". Maybe they are also pushing the e-bike things? And of course ... more »

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he should definitly go and give the fest series a try - would be bloody awesome f**** wicked to see ratboy there #ratboy_rocking_festseries

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...well and that Sam Hill won one round ;-)

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if he will ride for Canyon in 2017 then he will be rolling on Mavic hubs