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Added a comment about feature MTB ADVICE!! with Team Robot - ANSWERS #1 1/11/2021 8:39 PM

If you are living 1000 years in the future, how can you answer reader mail promptly? Are you Joel or an actual robot like Tom Servo or Crow?

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Added a comment about video Mind Games - Stefan Eberharter 11/2/2020 10:36 AM

Nice little video. I'm curious, what kind of bike is this? It seems like most major brands probably don't see a big market out there for a niche small -travel trials-y bike. Is that what this is, or is it just a cross country bike with super-short travel? How much front / rear travel do you like, riding terrain like this?

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Added a comment about press release Chris Akrigg and Mongoose Part Ways After 12 Years Together 12/26/2019 7:21 PM

A definite disconnect between rider and product. Akrigg is an amazingly dynamic and creative rider...and as a video rider, he’s up there with Macaskill and Semenuk. The last Mongoose I owned (around the time he signed with them), cracked in half on a basic drop that I’ve done hundreds of times since (on my Santa Cruz). Mongoose’s loss.

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Liked a comment on the item Santa Cruz Nomad 3 975er 12/8/2019 6:11 AM

Ummmm 12 speed is function as in having more gear ratio....ummm...stay in school bro.

Added reply in a thread Overcoming Fear - How Do You Guys Do It? 12/4/2019 4:59 AM

Just keep after it. If you have a bad wreck, it’s going to take a few rides to feel the same. Ride easier stuff until Your confidence comes back. But don’t worry, it will. I’m 47, and I’ve gone from competitive DH and Enduro a few years back to just ... more »

Added a comment about video YT Introduces the Capra 29 LTD 9/12/2019 8:20 PM

...and for the record, I’ve broken every ch-rmo bmx I ever owned. Three aluminum mtbs. The one al nomad I owned: 5 years, no damage.

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Added a comment about video YT Introduces the Capra 29 LTD 9/12/2019 8:04 PM

I’ve had three carbon Nomads: zero issues. Other than Minnaar’s infamous V-10-to-tree, I’ve not seen a broken S.C. Curious how many Broken Carbon SC bikes are among the fatalities you saw?

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Added a comment to flipper's bike check 7/10/2019 5:18 AM
Santa Cruz Hightower 2 aka flippertower

Good song (the Radiohead one—couldn’t read the other). I rode the high tower LT and liked it a lot geo-wise, but felt it was a little too flexy for me. I ride a nomad, and have always felt most comfortable with a more stout frame. Is the newer version (or the mega tower) as stiff-of-frame as SC’s bigger bikes?

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Added a comment about product review Deep Dive and Impressions: 8150's Unique Carbon Wheels 2/18/2019 1:14 PM

Ha ha...there was NOTHING good about ACS Z rims from back in old school bmx! Until good quality alloy wheels came along, z rims were buckling everywhere you put them. For side pull brakes, they had a horrendous braking surface. Not sure why you’d reference those as a “good” analogy!

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Liked a comment on the item Does It Even Matter That He's on an E-Bike? 12/27/2018 6:22 PM

I'll probably be in the minority here, but that riding on a heavy ass Ebike makes it more impressive...

Started new thread Foot problems with SPD's 5/16/2016 7:36 PM

I am having some ankle / nerve / plantar problems and am considering going to flats on my mtb. I ride and race a nomad, and have been riding spd's since the early 90's. Anyway, I'm looking to ride a pedal with good surface area (to spread out the force ... more »

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Added a comment about video ONE LAP - Vital MTB Test Sessions Bike Abuse on Geronimo Trail 1/22/2016 12:56 PM

From the last segment, it looked like Steve's bike was slower than Brandon's.

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Added a comment about photo e*thirteen 10 and 11-Speed Wide Range Cassette 1/3/2016 1:30 PM
e*thirteen 10 and 11-Speed Wide Range Cassette

OK....main question: Is a 44t chain ring actually bigger than a 180mm disc?

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Added reply in a thread 2016 Racing Rumours 12/14/2015 7:55 AM

It will be a bummer not to spot Graves around the Front Range and at Keystone. I hope Yeti can hold onto Richie, at least! As to riders doing both World Cup and EWS series, way. The grind of doing EWS alone is too much. I'm sure a few guys ... more »

Liked a comment on the item Opinion: When Does Risk Outweigh the Reward? How Red Bull Rampage Changed Our Perspective 10/19/2015 9:09 PM

You are chipping in every time you click a redbull article or link, they will make plenty of profit out of this event to cover these costs but choose not to.

Redbull doesn't need anything more from us than what we already give, whether it's clicking...more

Added a comment about feature Opinion: When Does Risk Outweigh the Reward? How Red Bull Rampage Changed Our Perspective 10/19/2015 9:08 PM

I dunno, Bigburd...aside from the RedBull feed and the annoying RockBand advert you have to watch to see anything on Youtube, I'm not sure anyone is getting rich off of marketing this stuff. And more importantly,there are a lot of comments on here that seem to say: 1. No one will insure this type of event, with a 20% chance of catastrophic injury. 2. If someone other than the riders / riding community steps in, there's going to be all kinds of rules about safety and restrictions on rider freedom, which basically would suck. It seems to me that if there were some kind of third party charity that people and industry could donate to (Trek, YT, Spec. etc. popping in 20g each), and money off the top of the live feeds, we might have something viable. A "Rider's Trust Fund" of sorts, that could be overseen by some of the pros, some of the industry people, and some of the individual donors. The money could sit there until needed in these events....FMB particularly. That way there's something out there, at least a start, that might cover some costs for people like Paul Bas.

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