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Unfortunately the gimbal is in for repair. Turns out they're only up for about six months of use on rough trails, so there's no footage of this descent. It's chunky. The lower portion best described by Nate Hills as "pure violence." You'd love it.

Shades are Smith Attack Max glasses. Dig 'em. Easy to swap lenses.

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why is your 6 rotated 180 degrees?

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Liked a comment about feature Vital MTB's The Inside Line Podcast - Episode 8, Jose Gonzalez, Director of Suspension Development, Trek Bicycles 4/21/2017 6:24 PM

I get was Jose is saying about basically rotating out your bike every 3 years. But even for the avid rider that becomes an expensive proposition, especially with the continual changes and looking at buying complete builds. I'm a picky guy and few complete builds measure up to what I want. In the end buy/build a bike you like and just ride it

Thank you for the continuing thoughts from racers and industry insiders.

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Ha! Don't worry. I temporarily broke my gimbal smashing it into the seat on said "bottom out testing" the following day. There are some excellent old school ankle testing drops all over Porcupine. And I did my best to find them all.

This is what I told Fisher when he handed me the bike. He was less than pleased. Ha.

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HOW BIG? We measure drops and gaps at Rampage 2015

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