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Not when one of the bladed spokes has been gouged by a rock and snaps 3 hours into your 6 hour ride...
I had bladed spokes, rocks > cxrays

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It is the most consistently pointed out "negative" point in Enduro reviews in bike media. However, in years of riding Enduros, I can say it is a non-issue. The cable might have a few marks from thrown rock strikes, but that is about it. I rode 2 Enduros for 8 years. Same cables that came on the bike the entire time. I viewed the cables as a down tube protector. They can collect sticky mud sometimes.That is about it.

Under the downtube, the cables are protected by the cranks and chainring. They never get caught on anything.

I currently do not ride an Enduro, I ride a fancy pants carbon frame with new school internal routing... and have to add a downtube protector for protection.


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i seriously feel like someone rewound the tape and i just watched an old segment from 'ride guide' in 1999, awful...

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