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Liked a comment about press release Press Release: Former Marzocchi USA Founder to Launch DVO Suspension - "Gunning for the Top" 7/22/2012 6:58 PM

Great news. Please stick to the values that made Marzocchi better than the rest (with the exception of questionable practices during the dark years a few years ago) - suspension that works very well, titanium sprung, rides like butter but good at all speeds including mach 5 gnar, easy to service, may not be the lightest but there is plenty of lubrication in there and most of all NO INSULTING GIMMICKY "FEATURES", catchy marketing lingo or other BS for the sheople. Treat us like critical thinkers that just want good working suspension, not fad suspension stuck to the front of some sponsored rider's bikes. Yes, I'm looking at you FIT/Kashima/bla/bla/bla!

Major vote for a 160 or 170 mm ti sprung enduro slayer. Running the 2012 55 RC3Ti, and VERY happy with it. Best 160/170 fork I've owned, and I've owned them all.

Nice to see Vital breaking the news on this.


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