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Added a comment about feature First Look: Updated 2015 Banshee Legend MKIII DH Bike 11/21/2014 1:50 PM

The Darkside has the ability to run 27.5s on an 8" travel bike.

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andyj1981 left a comment 1/8/2013 1:29 PM

True, it would suck if it did put Martin in a tough spot to put together a competitive team. Both sides have their sides to this whole thing. Guess we'll never know both of them in their entirety. Just hope it doesn't get screwed up with legal issues and get in the way of everyone getting on with it and racing bikes.

Added a comment about press release Developing: Trek World Racing Wants Aaron Gwin Back, Whiteley May Pursue Legal Action 1/8/2013 1:23 PM

I can see Martin's point in a way.He now has 2 weeks to submit a team roster to the UCI and he only has 1 racer(Neko).If Gwin would have been more factual a few months ago,Martin could have more time to chase down another high caliber rider(...but now Sam Hill has already signed with CRC).It puts him in a really shitty spot.Brook MacDonald will be on TWR 100%. He is already represented by 23 Degree(Martin Whitely's agency).I think this will be Gwin's 3rd team in 4 years.All American bike companies.Hope he doesn't burn too many bridges.

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The thing is a lot of people don't understand how race industry has been working.The UCI does not organize races.They have organizers do that for them.The UCI is only the governing body.They can't just make races out of nothing.Their has to be an organizer who fronts the cash to lease the venues for the race.The UCI have a good relationship with the organization who put on the Mt St Anne race.That is why there is a race there every year and the same guys did Bromont as well a few seasons ago.If a certain venue or area does not have an organizer who can meet the UCI criteria then obviously there wont be a race there.Why doesn't Whistler have a race?There has not been an organizer to my knowledge,that meets UCI criteria that has stepped forward with a bid.Personally not a big fan of the UCI.Our sport needs a new governing body that also organizes the venues.Then there will be 10-12 round WC races.

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