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#OnCoil - Transition Sentinel

As with all things, there are trade offs in a build. In this case it came down to weight. I would have preferred the tire profile and strength of the agent but the 3mm difference doesn’t create a drastic difference in profile and with a no questions asked warranty, the strength concerns were mitigated (not that I’m worried - these things are quality!).

At the end of the day I knew I wanted full coil and in order to keep the bikes weight reasonable, I shaved grams elsewhere. Plus I’ve always been a fan of reducing rotating weight anyways. I find it really helps with acceleration and that peppy feeling when you need it. The Exo+ are great in that regard too so far. Regular Exo doesn’t last around here so it’s always been about the DD casing. The + seems to be holding up well and is significantly lighter.

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Could I sit on one and have Stevie Smith take me for a ride?

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We've got a winner. Congrats to toby.mellis!

Of 337 predictions, 71 people correctly guessed that Smith and Atherton would win. Of those 71, toby.mellis's times were closer than anyone else. Combined, he was 2.13 seconds off. He gets the RockShox Vivid Rear Shock.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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