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Yep, I picked all the parts for this one based on my own preferences. As stated in the article, a lot of the parts have already been tested and reviewed here on the site, so it was really a case of what I wanted to ride for this one (lucky me!). The one exception is the fork, as it is brand new to us I had no prior experience to go off, but it made perfect sense to take this opportunity to review it. The tires are also new, but I have been running the gravity version on my big bike for a few months already and I'm very happy with them, so I'm again taking the opportunity to keep testing on this build (in the trail version).

As for the weight, I was clearly not going for a lightweight build. To start with, the frame is alloy. Brakes and cranks were not picked because they are light. The tires may have trail casings but they are still 1000 grams a piece, give or take. The wheels are sturdy and so are the pedals. There's plenty of all adds up. It doesn't feel that heavy on the trail though... ;-)

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The marketing here seems quite familiar to a disaster from recent memory. Company starts, makes a hardtail frame to prove that they have the best ideas about geometry. Company takes a fuck you attitude towards skeptics and the bike industry. Company releases design for full suspension offering that looks like it was designed in 2004, and asks for people to buy bikes, that haven't even been built yet. I know I am being cynical, but the similarities make me feel a little *cough* SICK .
I am really wary of the fact that they aren't releasing geo numbers. I think it is insulting to the consumer to basically tell us that we don't know what geo numbers we want, and they do. I first heard about these guys when they released the Ti Honeymaker, and I was genuinely intrigued because it looked awesome. But the tone of their website, and lack of info instantly turned me off. If I remember correctly, they didn't even have reach numbers at that time. So I went with a Chromag instead.
When people are spending their hard earned money on a bike, they want to be informed. And with the wealth of knowledge available to us, are probably more educated about technology than ever. I'm not trying to say the customer is always right, they seldom are, but you can still respect the customer, and offer explanation behind your decisions. As someone who does a ton of comparison shopping with every purchase I make, the transparency in the bike industry can be really refreshing, and I truly believe it helps push the industry forward. And if the geometry really is groundbreaking, the big brands will rip it off it in a year anyway, so why bother trying to hide it?

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raising and lowering your stem can have a fairly profound effect on reach numbers though. Its been a while since i did the calculation, but with a 65 HA your reach changes +/- 3-4mm per 10mm spacer, which can have a pretty big effect on weight center and ability to load your front wheel. A lot of people don't realize this either.

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why is that your only takeaway? do DH racers only use a DH bike for all of their DH training workouts? no. does any serious athlete only use a single tool for training? no.

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My Man, we've got to get you on a DH bike at the world cups. Or hell, just on your trail bike. But you should take over on the Red Bull course previews. You've got the skills and composure. Nothing personal Gee.

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For real... why is Nukeproof going even more anti squad? That is a bold move!

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Had the same experience. 5 minute service. Use the correct clutch grease. Running smooth and fine. Curiously dry to start though. Makes me wonder if the correct or grease, enough grease or any grease was on the clutch to begin with.

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Preload adjustment is very different from what the Sprindex does. Preload has always been adjustable on any coil shock via the spring nut. Sprindex is an adjustable coil spring spacer. By surrounding and cradling several coils,it allows you to effectively change the length of the wound coil wire, which alters the leverage you have over the spring. As a simplified illustration, you can try bending a stick over your leg, then break it in half and try to bend one of the halves over your leg. It will be much more difficult to bend because you don't have as much leverage on the stick. This is precisely what Sprindex does by reducing the effective total spring length and making it more difficult to compress the spring.

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2020 Knolly Warden LT / Delirium a.k.a.  Warium LT

The stack height on these bikes is crazy low. I have really long legs and, I guess, a shortish torso, so I think I would need a ton of spacers under the stem. Too bad, I've had Knolly bikes and loved them.

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This is just my opinion, and I completely get it if I get a lot of heat for it, but it feels like the DHF is becoming what the Nevegal became - highly praised and widely loved, but too many other good options started popping up to just stick with it for traditions sake. It’s a tough problem to have, having so many good choices.

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