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I do believe that these wheels require a trip back to Easton for a rebuild, something only acceptable if they are race wheels and the owner has a second wheelset to use in the mean time. Considering that most DH riders only have 1 wheelset and ride a short 90 day summer season i find this unacceptable for DH use.

Being an accomplished wheel builder i don't care for the threaded in nipple interface. The threads are much more coarse than a typical spoke nipple, so 1/4 turn is a significant amount of draw up. If a spoke nipple comes loose by a small margin the spoke will be loose. Also, the entire spoke has to turn, so it's difficult to get the head to turn in the hub flange once it's dirty.

Also, if a rock flips up and breaks the nipple, it may be stuck in the threaded rim making it impossible to remove. With so few spokes it isn't a good idea to ride them with a spoke missing.

From a engineering perspective the idea of having the spoke thread into the rim is a great idea. The spoke cant get near the tube or tubeless tape in a severe flexing impact. Unfortunately routine maintenance and quick repairs are more important in a DH wheel that will certainly outweigh the neato features of this wheel.

I owned a Haven wheelset with similar spoke design. The wheels were light, fast and overall great riding wheels. By the end of 1 year the spoke nipples in the rim wouldn't turn, the hub bearings were shot, and the rim had a minor bend. I would expect a rim to have some minor damage, but due to the difficulty of truing these low spoke count wheels with proprietary nipples i have relegated these wheels to a backup bike that doesn't get ridden often.

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Lol @ this review. These were by far the worst wheels I have ever purchased. Blown through 5 hoops in 1.5 years (50 days) most of the time they were so out of true you could feel it in the air. Save your money, these are trash.

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It's disappointing that the marketing manager gets to tell the test engineer what he learned in school is no good for the company to communicate to the public, and so the message will be cheerful nonsense instead. Why treat your customer like they are too stupid to be even worth educating about your product and process? 150 cycles is meaningless. It's too few to represent any real-world situation. Testing different heights single cycle, then running out of height on your rig, and then switching to testing number of cycles single weight half way through the same experiement! That is bogus. The amount of energy put into the system (16lbs weights and 4 ft height) was never justified. It could be meaningful, it could be crap--who knows, they never give a rationale. Black T-shirt guy learned all this in is first semester of undergrad engineering. Enve had my attention for 3 minutes and didn't use it to tell me anything. Thanks a lot, gray T-shirt guy. GTFO

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Thanks for the hard work but Hot Wheels is a waste of time and money in my opinion. How long has this trail been in the making? 1 to 2 seasons...It was still closed as of yesterday. Why spent countless man hours and lumber costs in building a trail that maybe 30% of riders will be hitting? The 2013 season has been a huge disappointment when compared to the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Hopefully Trestle can open a new trail for 2013 before the snow starts flying.

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WTF Australia? Rando, Rennie, Kovarik, Hill. You can bet your ass none of those guys started with Enduro. I was hoping there would be at least a few places that stay away from this small bike crap that is sweeping the world. Nope, even Australia has finally decided to let its talent pool circle the drain of mediocrity. I can't think of a worse way to experience Australia. Go break-neck speeds on a cross country bike downhill, then suffer in humidity (or a wildfire) up hill after hill, possibly get bitten by an eastern brown snake, then most assuredly be eaten by a crocodile.

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Liked a comment about news blog RESULTS: Aaron Gwin, Jill Kintner Earn 2013 U.S. National Championship Downhill Victories 8/5/2013 9:20 AM

gravity pirates, where you there?

if so you would have been aware at the complete lack of organization throughout the event and the lack of cell phone and internet service at the venue, etc.

photos of results were posted to Vital before any news his USAC website. As of 6 pm last night they had yet to post proper results on site. USAC may have had them for their own updates but they did not share, and there was ZERO regard given to getting this info to the media.

There are lots of photos and interviews coming, have some patience. It will be better coverage than you will find anywhere on the internet. The event ran hours behind schedule, we all have long drives home, then have photos to process, audio files to sort and cations to write to tell a story... This does not simply just happen immediately, it takes time and HARD WORK.

I fail to see how Vital or any media outlet can should accept any responsibility for the poor turnout. The state of USAC sanctioned races, their poor product, and poor turnout are the sole fault of USAC.

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looks like a very interesting concept. its almost like applying the derailleur to the chainring instead of the chain.

it looks like the chain jumps while he's turning the crank? anyone else seeing that?

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