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Reply to BRAD is riding his Blur from Santa Cruz all the way to Whistler 7/1/2011 11:17 AM

Whoa, quite a trip. Imagine 1200 miles on the same bike you ride the park with. Too cool.

Reply to Barel rocking a 0mm stem 6/30/2011 4:36 AM

All of the mods were done so he could run a longer top tube with a slightly steeper head-angle...he wanted slightly quicker steering for the natural tracks that follow for the rest of the season, but still with the stability of the long ... more »

Reply to Cedric Gracia's Sex Tape 6/18/2011 10:41 AM

Legendary. I won't translate the whole thing (Cedric you should do one in English!!!!), but here are the nuggets: Cedric's mechanic explains that in fact, he has a whole herd of Cedrics back at the farm, and sometimes it's hard to pick the right Cedric ... more »

Reply to Featured Bikes 6/7/2011 6:00 AM

Here ya go, my beast. (The set-up page is not displaying properly for me though...anybody else with the same problem?),94/all#setup

Reply to Dirt Lips 4/24/2011 12:26 AM

Yep, this. The soil needs dampness but not wetness....then use Spomer's flour technique.

Reply to Shelter Frame Protection Tape? 4/12/2011 11:19 AM

Well if this stuff really sticks to the frame as well, looks like it could be a winner. Il be placing an order to test it I think...

Reply to Inverted boxxer? 3/28/2011 5:32 AM

Too bad we now have the first pinkbike thread on Vital.

New thread DH bike ban - MBA at it again! 3/21/2011 12:46 PM

So, a lot of posters here probably saw this over on MTBR already, but it's worth a link: Gravity riders unite - MBA needs to hear from you just what you think of their proposal (to label and subsequently ... more »

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Reply to Least Appealing Bike Of All Time? 3/9/2011 2:30 PM

Although those HT bikes are right up there too...

Reply to Least Appealing Bike Of All Time? 3/9/2011 2:29 PM

Yep, this Astrix has to take the cake:

Reply to What the people want 2/23/2011 8:50 AM

Pslide nailed it. The more time I spend geeking out on the forums, the more I want to go out and ride (i'm lucky in that I have great riding on my it's generally doable...). As for the original question: I think Vital's formula is very ... more »

Reply to Is 4X dying? 2/14/2011 1:48 AM

Wow that Czech track would have the sport "revived" in a heartbeat! Guys overtaking in the rockgarden, guys freaking out at the big jumps only to pretty much have some other dude send it right OVER them...that was pretty epic right there!

Reply to Flats On Your Trail Bike? 2/9/2011 9:13 AM

I only have one bike for all my riding (From DH to AM)....and yes I run flats/5.10 for everything... I'm loving the roadbikes with the flats!!! If I ever get something for the road, that's definitely how I'd rock it.

Reply to Pre-ride/race Pump Up 2/8/2011 3:51 AM

Parents - do not give your kids Red Bull. :-) Me, any good ole' rockin tune to get the blood pumping while I pull into the parking lot a the trailhead. AC/DC is always good, but there's a bunch of other stuff, depends what's in the player. Lately, 7 ... more »

Reply to Question and Answer Thread 2/5/2011 11:39 AM

Damn - out of order too!!! This was in answer to the "do you watch supercross" question. No, but I can watch Bubba scrub it all day in the famous Compound vid... So, for the last question... who's Brandon??? ... more »

Reply to Question and Answer Thread 2/4/2011 7:37 AM

Backflips hadn't been invented when I was still young enough to try one. Who has the phone number for the girls in bjenson's avatar?

Reply to Cycling Resolutions? 1/1/2011 12:49 PM

Continue to build new fun trails, and push it on the bike. Try to enter every race in our "national" DH race series here (which I know work will try to screw up...). Stay healthy!

Reply to What did you get for Christmas? 12/25/2010 11:34 PM

MTB R&D New video camera, Donkey Kong Country, DVD player for the Xterra... @ wife got a Zula. Sorry about your Zama...mine is in the shed! No way???!!! You've got a Zama? Piktchures NOW!!!!! :-) How is that thing? Got any saddle time ... more »

Reply to What did you get for Christmas? 12/25/2010 9:16 AM

Santa mumbled something about the welders not having finished my new frame, and went on his merry I be waiting!

Reply to Fat grips or thin grips? 12/22/2010 2:07 PM

Ruffian. Can't deal with bigger grips (but don't have small hands...).