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These are great reviews Joel, but I must admit, I find the use of "we" in them kind of hard to read. The structure of the articles otherwise reads to me like there was just one reviewer, so each use of "we" instead of "I" seems out of place and breaks the flow. This is probably more jarring for me as the detail in the articles is otherwise fantastic, and I really want to engage with it!

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If the difference is truly just 80g, I wouldn't have any second thoughts ditching EXO for EXO+. However, there was no mention of real-world weights, though.

Also, how will this be priced vs EXO or the more durable DD casing?

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Certainly! It will be interesting to see how it plays out, both with the review and potential future uses. I think I'm just a little cynical, especially when there are pro athletes putting stickers on their frames to dampen vibrations and wearing magnetic bracelets that are meant to do something magical to your insides.

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Cool. I'd start with a 150mm Pike. The 160mm airshaft is not a big change if needed. I don't ride Prevost, but Forbidden is one of my favourite places to ride. I'm currently on a 160/155mm Pivot Mach 6 and I'll keep that bike as my winter ride.

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