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Yeah, it's definitely an improvement for gravity riding. But the extra bar height and weight makes climbing a bit more challenging.

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cheers iceman!

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I'm so stoked that these types of bikes are dominating at the moment!

Around eight years ago, I developed the method for calculating anti-squat for these types of suspension designs (swingarm mounted idlers). The calculations are completely different from how you would calculate it for a 'regular' drivetrain bike.
As far as I can tell, nobody else had developed this method of calculating Anti-Squat, and there were just a couple of brands playing with the desgin (Corsair comes to mind).
In 2012, I had my method implemented into the 'Linkage' bike analysis software, so that bike nerds across the world could analyse these types of designs, and bike designers could begin modelling more sophisicated suspension designs.
I don't know for sure, but hopefully that has helped the development of these bikes in some way.

Interestingly, the idler position used at Val di Sole (slightly higher and further back than the position used at Leogang) results in more chain growth, and hence more Anti-Squat.
For bike nerds wanting more info, check out the following: (Linkage analysis software) (detailed info on suspension theory).


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