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This may be the best group testing I've ever seen on here. I have always thought it would make more sense to test the base models from any company over their halo products. This really tells one what the frame and suspension is going to do without any shiny stuff providing a distraction. I went through this last weekend when I demoed a base level (still $4K) Reign and the rep was trying to apologize for that, ha!

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@Lankycrank: It's been hot as hell this summer on the east coast. It's actually forecast for a high of 97 today in October for chrissakes! Plus we have the oppressive humidity to go along with it.

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I had a '14 Rune that kept for three years riding it 3-4X+ a week. The only thing I ever had to do with it was swap the bearings out (easy). It was bombproof.

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Even though I am not a Yeti fan, the paint looks tight. Did you do it yourself?

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Then there is the brand that no one likes to talk about...Evil, with their low shock placement since forever.

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"Fair point, a lot of my sentiment is based around the fact my Eagle stuff has been damn near invisible (I don't think about it - it just plain works) to me. That said, it does seem picky with respect to b-tension, and of course if something gets "beat up" all bets are off to whether or not you can keep it running smoothly. I'm not sure I'd want to vouch for a beat up anything in the bike world!"

Exactly. I have listened to riders bitch about wide range drivetrains since they first arrived 6+ years ago. In my personal experience I think they have performed fantastically especially compared to what preceded them. Regarding issues with Eagle, it has remained trouble free for me over the last several years. Yeah, it takes an additional minute or so adjust it (bfd) and may not work as well when it gets thrashed (if that's the biggest issue then ride a single speed). I agree with @jeff.brines in that I am sure XTR 12 (and XT, SLX) is swell, it isn't really breaking any new ground. That's okay though as it provides another option and gives Shimano fans a comparable kit to Eagle. Some will like it and some will not. So what? Ride on.

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By that evaluation XTR loses due to it costing and weighing more than SRAM's XX1 Eagle. Otherwise, if you like Shimano's feel/performance now you have a high end wide range alternative. Is it better than SRAM's offerings? Maybe, but that depends on where you are standing. SRAM Eagle not only works at all levels/price points, but now has multiple seasons behind it's success. As in the past however, Shimano's XT and SLX ranges are where you'll see most of the action.

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It's nice to see bikes with real world weights listed. Most would look at this and say it's a pig at 34 pounds, but those who know what's up know this beast will get down (bad pun-intended).

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I am interested to how these bars may provide $300 (+/-) more performance than the best possible carbon bars out there.

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Awesome, but just a standard single pivot. However, I would love to see Weagle license out the DELTA system to other manufacturers.

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Another Horst-link bike, Yay.

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I miss the good ol' daze when DH racers were drunken, devil-worshipping creeps.

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Yes, the big blue meanie finally showed up to the party. They still have a long way to go as few are cough up XTR pricing to switch and obviously this stuff will only be spec'd on halo level bikes (nice Evil, BTW) until we see it trickle down to XT/SLX.

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Added a comment about product review Review - 2017 Evil The Wreckoning X01 from Vital MTB Test Sessions 3/14/2018 9:16 AM

I'd like to take a moment to address some points regarding this review. I've ridden my Wrecker for the last 8 months on every kind of terrain you could imagine 2-4+ days a week so here are my two sheckels. First, while I am sure the 11.6 is swell I personally prefer an air shock on mine for all around riding. I think the bike becomes more responsive without losing any DH capability. I have a Monarch with an Avalanche SSD mod which simply rules. My friends run DB Airs on theirs and love them and Evil themselves has tried them with similar results.
Second, I've ridden/demoed all of the bikes that you've tested here save the Sentinel. My Wreck dusted all of them both up and down. When I demo anything I will ride my bike followed by the demo on the exact same trail. Some were fun, but nothing beat my Strava times on my Wrecker. I will admit that Speshy's SWAT thingy is awesome and I'm surprised more companies haven't come out with their own version.
The Rallon, your "winner" (even though lawyer doublespeak was maintained without declaring a "winner" ) has a much more forward and higher position than the Wreck despite having similar numbers. I actually thought it felt more twitchy and less planted than the Wrecker as such. I agree with y'all in that it takes quite a bit of tweaking to get the suspension to feel good on the Orbea. Even when I was not initially blown away by the Monarch, my Evil still rode phenomenally well.
Finally, the top speed in your "race" run that the Orbea nabbed was only 0.226 seconds faster than the Evil. You guys may not have liked the Evil, but the numbers don't lie. What I find curious is how divergent Vitals findings are from pretty much every review out there at this point. At the end of the day, ride whatever turns you on and I will keep my Wreckoning as such.

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Nice reviews, fellas. I personally ride a Wreckoning and will simply agree to disagree with your feelings. However, beyond your misgivings over the Evil are there any bikes in this test that either of you would spend your money on (assuming you had the kale to do so) personally to buy? A bike that out rides whatever personal rig you have at this point. There was no clear winner chosen here and you both took a lawyer-esque approach in your criticisms/praises. Previous tests/shootouts/bibles or whatever testers have come out and said which bike knocked their socks off and/or which one they actually would or did purchase. So whatcha got?

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