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I can already see him pounding on the front door of the Ellsworth office when his sponsorship check bounces.......lmfao

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Please can you give us a little insight into the db inline coil...have you been able to keep the bike feeling progressive enough through the end of the travel? I've had my doubts due to the linear nature of the yeti's and also coils having that same characteristic. I'm sure the traction must be amazing.

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Wow, dual earbuds out on the trail? People coming up behind you won't like that but predator animals will love it.

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I've tried a million and one solutions to be able to listen to music whilst riding. There are very few that comply with the following list: 1. Possess the ability to hear ambient sounds (cars, your friends yelling at you, animals, your bike breaking down, etc.) along with the music, 2. Be unobtrusive and simple for you and 3. Not make it so everyone else hears what you are listening too (which probably sucks anyway). Standard earbuds/headphones fail number one completely, are flat out dangerous and taking out just one side sounds like crap. Mini speakers, bluetooth or otherwise fail number two mostly and suck for number three. The best two solutions I've come across are the Far End Gear ShortBuds and the Otus Mini speakers The ShortBuds are a no brainer. They convert stereo sound in a single speaker so you hear everything in one headphone and still have a free ear for ambient sound. I use these on the road as they are not effected by wind noise, but they'd do well off road too. The Otus speakers require a tiny bit more effort in rigging them up in your helmet, but sound great off road. They work particularly well with helmets that have a cut away that is close to the top of your ear, the Bell Super for example. I use some gaffing tape to direct and support these better, but they will work fine with just the heavy duty velcro supplied. It surprises me that more people haven't tried these out as they are inexpensive and far better alternatives than anything else.

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The Path Riot looks like a seriously capable bike. They are not available in the US. I went into a local REI and the shop rat there looked at me like I had two heads when I asked about it. I think having demo fleets available out of REI stores would do very well for them.

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I think at the World Cup and EWS pro levels the racing should be blind. It is art form to masterfully read a trail and choose lines. At most, a pre-ride video would be sent to all participants, but that's it.

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One day events are certainly easier on the weekend warriors, however multi-day events in big mountain locations are more exciting to the hardcore racers. So basically both are okay by me. I generally am a volunteer these days allowing me to ride the

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How's the tire clearance out back with the Schwalbe 2.8?

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The Nomad is due for an update which probably will not show up until next year. Personally, I think they'd sell a ton of metal Nomads at a lower price point. I am having to eat my words as I was pretty sure SC was all but done with alloy VPP bikes. However, I think this plays to Pons globalization of the brand where it's necessary to have lower price points to compete. Also notably absent on the updated website is the venerable Heckler. It too is due for an update. I'd love to see SC do a "Bullit 3" with something approaching the geometry and travel of the Nomad. We'll see.

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Invisibility would be cool, but in the meantime on a bike extended stoppies would be my choice. Working on them.

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Congrats on his win, but that is not an attractive bike.

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This is the future, but unfortunately, just poor execution... I hope more companies give their hand at a wireless seat post. I think thats the only electric thing I would be cool with having on my bike

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Here in Georgia, I see a handful of them every week. They are mostly 27.5+ hard tails. There is a shop in Elijay that is big on plus and fat bikes too. I demoed one yesterday (Scott Genius +) and it was a lot of fun. That said, I would not want it as

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