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March in the Carolinas, means two things….. 1) the official start of the DH is oh-so-ever close and 2) it’s time to head out to the experimental forest and Lake Issaqueena for Clemson’s Annual DH race. Clemson Freeride built by students, operated by students, and benefits students isn’t what most would call a true downhill course, but that’s so far from the point. If you’ve been and ridden there, quite simply it’s an absolute blast to shred and always carries a party college atmosphere.

For the first time in two years the weather was warm (in the 70s), the sun was out, and there was no moisture to be found. I can recall the red clay being literal peanut butter in the past which was even a challenge to stay up right walking on two feet much less on two wheels. 2013, it was not be…. dry conditions meant the opportunity to lay down some fast laps and race times. LET’S RIDE!!!!





Kicking off with 2 hours of practice, the train of riders started the short push to the top of the minute and half to two minute course (depending on your riding capability). Dropping in from the start a rider was first greeted with a small roller, then off to a large wooden elevated double…. I think I could count on one hand how many Pro’s actually made this a true double. Some brave souls would make the attempt and it was scary at times to watch those that didn’t have enough speed to clear it, ending with a large “THUD” just about sending them over the bars. On down to another small double that one could easily boost for some style, making for some great photo ops. Next a bring your pedal legs for a small section setting you up for a set of two HUGE tables with a series of berms into the best damn wall ride I have personally ridden. You had better get in two or three strokes into make a gap jump over the old course. Then down to a wooden jump and lander and pick up some mega speed into a nice G out. Just one final LH berm to set you up for the road gap and with some strokes into a rock garden for the infamous drop at the bottom of the course………… But, it’s not over yet, you had better pedal your rear off to make the “sketchy” creek gap just before the finish. DONE in 1:18.80 if I were……. NOPE, not me. Don’t think I could lay down a time like that in a million years.

After laying down two runs, your best of the two would stick and as one of his buddies stated, “This is Max’s Race”….. so it would be. Max Morgan of Team Billy Goat Bikes laid down the fastest time of the day with a 1.18.80. Will O’Brien would give all he could and end up 1.1 sec behind Max. Rounding off the podium in third was Max’s teammate, Brandon Blakely (also of Team Billy Goat Bikes) 1.8 secs off the time of the day. It’s gonna be an interesting year as we see the two teammates Max and Brandon feed off each other on the circuit and trade some paint for a spot on the podium. Nice run guys!



Thanks to the Clemson crew for what has become such a classic spring race. THE SEASON HAS BEGUN!

Sponsored By:

Mountain Khakis

Deity Components

Rideon Bicycles


1Westray, Caroline01:47.3

2 Clark, Scout0 1:54.7

Youth (Under 17):

1Kane, Michael01:26.0

2Bartlett, Aaron01:31.5

3Witcher, Owen01:31.8

4Kane, Bergen01:33.5

5DeLay, Chris01:37.3

6Cooke, Grady01:52.4

7Richter, Ben02:00.0


1Clealan, Watts01:26.5

2Suddeth, Mike01:29.3

3Millar, William01:29.4

4Richter, Andrew01:29.4

5Petutsky, David01:30.6

6Mailloux, Jerry01:32.2

7Brown, Farmer01:37.4

8Simpson, Randy01:38.6

9Clark, Calhoun01:43.1

10Henderson, Russ02:10.0


1Tipton, Joshua01:32.8

2Allen, Thomas01:34.7

3Beaver, Mark01:37.9

4Thompson, Ethan01:42.0

5Woodson, Austin01:50.2

6Oechsner, Brandyn01:50.3

7Harrington, Alex02:02.4

8Schils, John02:11.2

9Jackson, Shane02:40.9


1Gochenaur, Daniel01:26.4

2Diamond, Cory01:27.4

3Gang, Zach01:27.5

4Dickson, Drew01:27.7

5Monsure, Robert01:28.8

6Kallay, Willis01:29.4

7Potent, Steven01:29.9

8Miller, Zach01:30.2

9Standish, Josh01:30.3

10Smith, William01:30.5

11McGuick, Phil01:30.9

12Dreher, David01:31.2

13Washam, Will01:33.2

14Hutelin, Zach01:33.3

15Zook, Brett01:33.4

16Darling, Adam01:33.5

17Paine, Jeff01:33.6

18Alasto, Patrick01:36.0

19Cunningham, Ian01:36.4

20Willard, Corey01:39.4

21Parr, Blake01:39.6

22Cooke, Trey01:40.0

23Cowan, Edwin01:43.9

24Robertson, Thomas01:46.5

25Stevens, Brad01:47.8

26Morris, Tyler01:48.1

27Tyra, Shawn01:48.4

28Ruprecht, Steven01:49.6

29Paulica, Andrew01:51.3

30Johnson, Justin01:53.0

31Breanan, Matt02:03.0


1Morgan, Max01:18.8

2O'Brien, Will01:19.9

3Blakely, Brandon01:20.6

4Ennis, Dan01:20.6

5Gragtmans, Nick01:21.1

6Cassell, Trey01:22.2

7Vest, Eric01:24.6

8 Bethea, Dave01:24.7

9Raney, Jeremy01:25.5

10Murray, Will01:26.0

11Linder, Cecil01:26.1

12Whitfield, Joe01:26.5

13Pedigo, Richard01:27.3

14Lonmeyer, Jason01:27.5

15Linville, JT01:28.6

16Griffin, Matt01:29.2

17Guidry, Jay01:31.1

18Spierer, M-P01:31.8

19Alsa, Scott01:36.7

20Gaona, Enrique01:56.6

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