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This sport needs more women and publicity. Maybe someone should step up and double the women payout and bring some attention to the sport. The pro women's times would beat a high percentage of men and I see more and more cute girls riding every time I go to the parks. Not a bad thing.

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If you're looking for proof that even a group of morons wil occasionally stumble on a great idea, here it is.

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They need to set a time limit and # of people allowed to make lines smooth and not add any more WOOD. Do they not have enough man made crap all year. Please remove this event from the FMB tour. That shit is not mountain biking and they can't ever do tricks like the BMX guys, so honestly the events never even look that professional compared to a BMX event. Bunch of wankers trying to land lame tricks. SEMENuak and his paving crew perfectly grooming his line from top to bottom defeats the purpose of having a Rampage. Tricks are for kids son. Learn to ride some real terrain. Seems like Rampage has gone too mainstream. We will see if it keeps going next year or if they bring it back and reign in some true freeriding.

That said. They did get something right in rewarding Sorge for a great ride down a great line.

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I am thinking the same thing myself. I want to buy a dh bike actually made in the US so I was looking them up. Pretty sure Canfield Brothers bikes are NOT made in the US! The new bike in Colorado is by Gorilla Gravity. I think they are made in US.

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Aaron Gwinsideme 2:19:99
Rachel Atherton 2:39:99

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