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He’s definitely going to need bigger Fox pants

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Now that bikes are getting lower and slacker again, while seat angles are getting steep for climbing, I suggest incorporating 'The Bottomed Out Test.' Just let all the air out of the fork and shock and have at it. May the bike with the cushiest crank arm covers and downtube bash guard win.

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So much hate on the UCI.

I take it you all prefer that everybody just does their own thing, like having a roided up competitor on a non-standard bike with a hidden electric motor competing against you at a track which is not taped up properly and has substandard...more

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In addition to saying he 'lost fitness' at the DH races and didn't like how little he got to ride, Martin also mentioned that he felt enduro racing made him a better bike rider. I can see how for some the semi-blind, fully-pinned nature of EWS racing might actually translate into a sharpening of handling skills that could be beneficial in DH. Clearly it works for Martin, and I'd love to see both Sam and Richie have a go at some World Cup DH racing again.

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Bummer for Coulanges, he’s had some stellar results this season mixed with more than a few tough breaks. He might not have been a contender for medal, but he’s for sure top-10 potential on any track. Tough way to end the year in 81st, out by a tenth of a second.

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If Vergier ends up leaving I’d assume it would be for a better offer. Salaries for solid top-ten riders are pretty substantial right now, and the Syndicate has three of them (each one a podium favorite). It might not be possible to keep them together ... more »

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From age 13 to 39 1993 Specialized Hardrock Sport (rigid, then with Specialized Futureshox, raced wearing a Team Yeti jersey) 1993 Cannondale Delta V (high single-pivot air shock had to run w/ zero sag. Basically a hardtail. Cracked shock mount) 1994 ... more »

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And Richie runs a 203 XTR. Loads of clearance, not sure why the website FAQ says 'up to 185' but I'll ask and get back to you.

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This is a new Jekyll 29

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Given his relationship with SRAM, I'm guessing these are part of that family of companies. Perhaps from their other wheel brand? At one point I think Mitch was on something similar, but he's on aluminum rims for La Thuile.

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FY-Tech 2 and a Hero 6

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You mean you don’t like mine. Lol

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Those were definitely heavy, but consider guys are running DH casing tires and 250g inserts at EWS and WC races. That's getting into 1600g-plus per tire on a 29er! Excluding weight, the other consideration would be feel and compliance if the casing is too thick or rigid under the tread. Definitely encouraging to see Maxxis trying to find a better way.

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Speaking of Pierron, he's currently running his Commencal with a custom swingarm that has a lower idler, about 2cm below the center of the pivot instead of in-line. From the looks of it there are three mounting options to choose from, his current setup being in the middle.

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The Giant team is using them too, so it's not just an Intense one-off and likely came direct from HT.

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