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I’ve been told that ‘ultimate’ now indicates the top tier of any product line (similar to what has been used for the Guide brakes). It’s my understanding that second and third tier models will also follow a more standardized category name. The past RC, ... more »

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Kaos raced a 29er most of last season, not sure if they’ve officially released it though.

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Miranda FTW

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I wish we had more from the other women, and believe me it’s not for lack of trying. But we’re a 1 or 2 man show most of the time trying to shoot podiums, winning bikes, and grabbing interviews all at once. In this case also in the pouring rain. We’ll never be able to chat with everyone but we try our best to include as many people as we can in some way. Cheers for the feedback, great to hear you’re stoked on the coverage!

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Not at all, he just went that fast!

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It’s about to pour rain and their 29” DH mud tires haven’t arrived yet. He used G5’s in practice today while it was still dry.

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Looks like a new/different Boxxer damper with only a single compression dial. Only other one I've seen like this was on Brosnan's bike in Andorra last season.

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DH 34?

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He’s definitely going to need bigger Fox pants

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Now that bikes are getting lower and slacker again, while seat angles are getting steep for climbing, I suggest incorporating 'The Bottomed Out Test.' Just let all the air out of the fork and shock and have at it. May the bike with the cushiest crank arm covers and downtube bash guard win.

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So much hate on the UCI.

I take it you all prefer that everybody just does their own thing, like having a roided up competitor on a non-standard bike with a hidden electric motor competing against you at a track which is not taped up properly and has substandard...more

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In addition to saying he 'lost fitness' at the DH races and didn't like how little he got to ride, Martin also mentioned that he felt enduro racing made him a better bike rider. I can see how for some the semi-blind, fully-pinned nature of EWS racing might actually translate into a sharpening of handling skills that could be beneficial in DH. Clearly it works for Martin, and I'd love to see both Sam and Richie have a go at some World Cup DH racing again.

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Bummer for Coulanges, he’s had some stellar results this season mixed with more than a few tough breaks. He might not have been a contender for medal, but he’s for sure top-10 potential on any track. Tough way to end the year in 81st, out by a tenth of a second.

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