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I actually run this on a 19 Jeffsy and prefer it over the stock DPS. Mainly because of the increased midstroke support. I was running the DPS in the mid setting most of the time but with a deluxe rl and megneg I can run it wide open with awesome small bump and good bottom out resistance. It should be noted that I am a heavy rider who prefers a poppy, crisp feeling bike.

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It was approximately 3kg including rear axle, if I remember correctly.

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Cool! Thanks.

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Sure some info:

65° HA
74° SA
430 CS
460 ST
~470 Reach
60mm BB drop
120mm HT

Currently running the 2.6 tires, which is pretty tight, but works in the dry. I like the extra volume for some additional compliance in the rear and some extra clearance for my pedals (running 175 cranks).

I really like the new Revs and don't miss my older Pikes that much. I've got a Fox Rhythm that I will test as well (with custom decals, of course .) The frame quality is really good, the welds and paint are both great (especially considering how much the frame cost). I wish I would have chosen to put a bend in the rear stays (seat and chain) as I do knock my feet against them sometimes, but it isn't a big deal.

If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Thoroughly enjoyed your "essay". It was cool to hear why certain components were selected, more bike checks should have this!

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