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So finally this year I have focused on mountain biking more than I ever have in the past, and there for creating a faster rate of progress. I decided to purchase a dual suspension bike before my first trip to Whistler just a couple days ago. I had hit drops and other things that I had never known I was capable of completing sucessfully. Just after three days of riding the mountain, I got the opportunity to ride the north shore trails and what a hoot! "no punn intended". Now, I am back home in Edmonton and feeling like nothing in my hometown compares to what I have now ridden which has sparked a new interest for me. Dirt Jumping. When I thought about the dicipline of dirt jumping, I realised how little you really need. You don't need a mountain, just a slight slope, some dirt, and a shovel. I came to realise that those aspects were all available to me, and it was just the matter of getting a bike that could at least get me started so I went to the garage and saw my old Norco Rampage frame (a freeride hardtail). From there I just had to figure out how to get this thing built up with almost no money, because I had just purchased a downhill bike. I decided on a single speed and single brake setup and then hit up all my riding friends to see what I could scrounge together and make work.

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foxrider18 foxrider18 8/13/2010 10:30 PM

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