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moped invasion coming to a trail near you

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Of all the bike parts I've purchased over the years, the message is the only product that has actually made me significantly faster. It isn't plush, but it isn't exactly harsh like some reviewers said. I've got 300 hours on one in all types of terrain. If you want to go faster with more control then you should get one. Not a cheap upgrade by any means but it does exactly what they claim. I'm excited to see what the shout does for bigger bikes.

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a lot of guys are going to fuck up their levers after seeing this mod

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great interview., confirmation of an 11.6 for a following mb!!!

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Thanks folks ... still remember meeting Spomer at a NORBA so many years ago and knowing instantly I’d met someone who got this whole MTB thing. Years of Littermag then Vital later and that still holds true! Cheers for the good times on this journey of bikes!

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Sweet! Thanks guys

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...anyone notice the blacked out Hope Cranks?

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Interesting how many people are focusing on the DW part of the equation. Not taking anything away from the man, they myth, the legend, but I see the (much) bigger deal here being the ability for the Athertons to quickly prototype different geometries, getting a bike to fit them better than anything...more

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Amazing place. Can't wait to go back.

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I believe your thinking is correct. In some situations like the video, a telescopic fork won't absorb the initial hit as well or smoothly as the Message but will dive to absorb the landing so the combination of the 2 events sometimes feels harsher on the...more

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I have a little over 200 miles on my Message on a large variety of trails. I replaced a 140mm Pike on my Rocky Instinct and have ridden it with 29er and 27.5+ wheels and with and without headtube spacers. Setting up the Message is different than a traditional...more

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I can’t disagree with you there. On the following mb the axle to crown of the Message works well. It’s right on par with what I had on there ~535mm. I mounted it on an Offering and it worked also but that bike was too big for me. I’d need to go to a small and try again. I don’t see how it could work well on a ripmo or sentinel where a 160mm fork is recommended. Not because of the travel but because it is just a much shorter fork axle to crown so you’re bb is going to be a lot lower. Not without a spacer under the head tube like you said. easy to have one made. I spoke to a guy about having some machines last week and so I’m going to experiment a bit. I do think people who aren’t having good experiences are not using the fork on the right bike (too short axle to crown-wise) or they aren’t setting them up properly. You have to forget everything you know about fork set up. I made that mistake and then was set straight by one of the guys at trust and it made all the difference. I also felt like it broke in nicely after a bit.

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I have had almost every iteration of forks over the last 10 plus years and for me this fork is a game changer. Period. It replaced a fox 36 140mm on my following mb, which is arguably an awesome fork and really made that bike very capable for only being 120mm. With the Message you can literally place your front wheel anywhere and it simply tracks. I’ve taken lines here in Sedona that I would have never taken with this bike prior. The axle path really makes a huge difference. Braking or mashing on the pedals do not make it dive. I never thought anything was wrong with my 36 but after riding this fork the last few months I really do believe it is better than a telescopic fork in every aspect. I don’t know if they’ll ever be the standard and I don’t realky care but I do know DW and his team at Trust are on to something here. Can’t wait for a 160mm version.

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Hey Stiingya - While we are only able to publish a few modification on the website, we are able to customize the bike with about anything you are looking for. The best way to do this is shoot us an email with what you are looking for or give us a call. Let's get you the exact bike...more

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would love to know where this is exactly in Mallorca. anyone?

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used very little this summer at the bike park, probably about a dozen rides or so. frame is in excellent shape. 1600, buyer pays shipping and fees. paypal.

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Great interview. We all abuse the term "legend" but I think Kathy deserves it.

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