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i just got a reign 29 its been a good bike and a bit more climbing friendly but still surprisingly agile as its not too long of a bike give it a test ride

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is it me or do those wheels look a little bigger than usual?

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awesome video i find myself being the same boat turning 30 this year and having a ton of fun racing enduro in my hometown, around my province and even in new zealand cheers to you Jeff!

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has anyone ridden these gt idrives? seeing as the bb moves slightly do you get kick back on the pedals under big hits?

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D.Hart 4.38.80
R. Atherton 5.10.50

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thats a pretty hot looking bike!

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After being away for 3 weeks in summer its time to get back on the bike and rip it up. Lack of time, gear and a helping hand to shoot have hampered this project but it's finally all come together. Sit back and enjoy. Summer may be gone but there's always time to reminisce...

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try out the troy lee odi grips ive been running them for a year, i ride whistler at least 1-2 times a week they have been really comfortable and are firm/soft enough on your hands for good grip. i have also tried the odi cross trainers they are by far ... more ยป