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Proper bike fit is super important for cross country racing, so I'd like a race bike that's super hard to make reach/stack adjustments on. If it's hard to perform basic maintenance too, that's a bonus.

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Liked a comment about feature Marginal Gains: There’s Nothing *Stock* About Stock Suspension 10/22/2020 6:49 AM

Good piece, but it barely scratches the surface of this idea. I realize this is a mountain bike website, not a medical journal. Still, a few ways this could have been more betterer.

Though the clock isn't the only objective measure of how well your suspension is working, I feel its a "must" for something like this. I can't tell you how many times I've said "wow, this feels a lot better" only to see my times go backwards. I've also said the opposite to see my times get faster.

The other measure is how much you are crashing or missing lines, especially late into a lap. I've run uber stiff setups with success on shorter tracks, only to find myself all over the place later in the lap or day. The number of times you crash or go off trail is a good way to see that "hmm, maybe this isn't a sustainable setup".

As far as the results, I *really* wonder what the tester would have thought if he went directly to a larger spacer in the shock and/or a hair more PSI and left everything else alone. I also question Norco's "regressive rebound tune". Who wants more rebound at the bottom and less further into the stroke? That is the opposite of what I'd be looking for.

On that note, I really think these tests should be run "blindfolded". No, I don't mean they ride with a blindfold on, but I do think there should be one thing the rider answers "better, worse, the same". There is *SOOO MUCH* confirmation bias in bike testing. If you think you need something, and that "something" happens, its AMAZING! Fox should have had a few shocks with a few tunes and had him go back to back to back. Add timing. Now we are onto something. This is also how I'd build my OEM tune if I were a company...

As far as tunes for each size goes, sure, that'd be cool. I still think we overlook how much air volume matters and how easy that is to swap for larger riders. For the non-racers out there, this is likely enough. The only exception is rebound tunes, where I'm often maxing out the knob just to get close to 'slow enough". Fox and RS would be smarter to just make the knobs do more on these types of shocks (even though I know a bleed is different than the shim stack and there is compromise here). This would be fine for 95% of the riders out there who aren't nerds like us.

Remember, most people don't even check sag 1 time per month. They don't even know how to connect a shock pump to the shock. They need foolproof, not fiddly. Good enough is...well...good enough.

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Good luck with puberty, Brandon. It’s gonna be a trip.

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Tremendous tremendous ride you've got there.

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