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Smell the Chai - a blend of Tea & Rubber 0

Waking up to a steaming teakettle on a foggy day is the way to spin in Munnar, Kerala, India. An invitation from Michael McLean (Mountain Bike Kerala) to join his team on a week long escape got me going! Knowing Mike’s trails, an Enduro meal was on the menu.

Tea plantations spread over the mountains touching the sky. Leaves with strong fragrance of the morning stimulant. Century old pathways dug deep in the shrubs. Swirling through twigs with bars caressing the ayurvedic verdure. The invigorating trails of Munnar are a treat to breathe.

Going uphill with a light bag of fun and descending from the world’s highest Organic Tea Garden with a bag full of glee in 3 Hours is incomparable! Silence of the clouds and chorus from monkeys with solos by deers, these hidden trails of South India pack in some incredible times. Times with images that’d blend in your mind like a bowl of chai.

Riders: Jen Swift, Daniel Swift, Michael McLean, Jibin Joy, Vinay Menon, Pankaj Danu, Raj Dulala.
Photos: Vinay Menon, Michael McLean, Jibin Joy

Thanks to Mountain Bike Kerala, Psynyde Bikes & Components, Loose Riders India for the support.


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